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"Fast and easy flight information right at your fingertips"

Are you picky about your flights? flig.ht/s lets you search for your flight with ease using our fast search engine, advanced search filter options and detailed flight information, without fuss. Just type in your prefered origin and destination in the search boxes and we will begin by showing you every option to get there together with flight time, non-stop flights, layover airports and airline options.

About flig.ht

Flig.ht lets you find all scheduled flights around the world. Thanks to a distinctive presentation, you can easily find the best option – whether it’s a direct flight or not.

The goal with Flig.ht is to offer a fast search engine and give you detailed flight information to help you find the best possible flight according to your wishes, all flights are shown regardless of availability. The search function is easy to use and you always access the latest global schedule information.

Find up-to-date flight information in no time

At Flig.ht you find both direct and connecting flights for each route. This easy-to-use website allows you to type in your preferred origin and destination, and in an instant you will get a presentation of all flight options available on this specific route. Unlike other search engines that can take up to 30 seconds before they provide the search results, Flig.ht gives you an instant response with all scheduled flights.

Thanks to the advanced search filter you can customize your flight right to your needs. For example, you can choose certain airlines, arrival times or flight times. There is also the possibility to choose between different layover airports and if you are interested in traveling in first class, business or economy. Each route option is presented with a map, giving the consumer an accessible overview of each alternative to make the choice even easier.

Besides detailed route information, Flig.ht presents general facts about the largest airlines and the busiest airports around the world with the help of our data.

Contact us

Flig.ht is a part of Westcoast Digital AB, a Swedish company specialized in flight information for consumers. Today we run a large number of websites focused on making traveling as convenient as possible. To learn more about the company or our websites, get in touch with Westcoast Digital AB by sending an email to [email protected].

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Did you see it?

flig.ht/s is a so called "domain hack". By combining "flig" with our top domain "ht" we have the word flight 😃 And by adding a "/s" directory at the end of the domain we get the word "flights" (flig.ht/s).

Another website we are working on

As fast and easy as flig.ht/s. List and search any hotel at a given destination.


flig.ht foundersJens & Thomas, founders of flig.ht, has a long background in the online travel industry.