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The longest international routes from the US

The US is well connected to the rest of the world when it comes to traveling by air. Here you can find the ten longest international routes available from the US.

longest international routes us

Counting distance by nautical miles, the following ten routes are the longest international routes that you can find in the US. The compilation was made by OAG in 2020*.

1. Newark (EWR) - Singapore (SIN)

The longest international route in the US also happens to be the longest commercial route available in the world. The route connects New York to Singapore, and a direct flight between the two airports takes an impressive 19 hours. The majority of the connections between the airports are flights with stops. Airlines that operate the route are Singapore Airlines and United Airlines, among others.

2. Los Angeles (LAX) - Singapore (SIN)

Several of the longest routes on our list connect the US to Singapore, and on spot number two we find the connection between Los Angeles and Singapore. A direct flight between the airports takes around 17 hours, and the majority of the flights are operated by EVA Air or Singapore Airlines.

3. San Francisco (SFO) - Singapore (SIN)

The third connection to Singapore that makes the list is the one between San Francisco and Singapore. Flying between these two cities takes about 16,5 hours by direct flight. Some of the airlines that operate the route are Singapore Airlines, United Airlines and EVA Air.

4. Dubai (DXB) - Los Angeles (LAX)

If you want to travel by direct flight between Dubai and Los Angeles, it’s quite the trip – this route has a flight time of a little less than 16,5 hours. A number of airlines offer flights between the two airports, but the only direct flights are operated by Emirates.

5. Doha (DOH) - Los Angeles (LAX)

Another lengthy route between Los Angeles and the middle East is the one connecting Los Angeles with Doha, Qatar. This flight takes around 16 hours if you choose a direct connection, which are offered by Qatar Airways. You can also find connecting flights with airlines such as British Airways and American Airlines.

6. Dubai (DXB) - Houston (IAH)

Dubai is a popular destination to visit from the US, and it’s no surprise that the destination appears more than once on our list. If you want to travel by air between Houston and Dubai you can count on a direct flight time of about 16 hours. Direct flights are offered by Emirates, while operators like for example United Airlines and British Airways can offer flights with stop.

7. Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) - Hong Kong (HKG)

There are no direct flights between Dallas and Hong Kong, but you can find a number of options where you can fly between the two airports with connecting flights. In this case, the flight time will be between 19 and 24 hours, depending on your connection. Operators working this route are American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and several others.

8. Dubai (DXB) - San Francisco (SFO)

Number eight on our list of the longest international routes in the US is the one between Dubai and San Francisco. When it comes to direct flights, you can find connections with Emirates that take a little less than 16 hours. Connecting flights are offered by operators such as Qantas, United Airlines and Lufthansa.

9. Hong Kong (HKG) - New York (JFK)

A direct flight between Hong Kong and JFK Airport in New York takes about 16 hours, if you choose a direct connection. Direct flights on this route are operated by Cathay Pacific, and if you don’t mind a stop on the way you can find flights with for example Delta Air Lines and Air France.

10. Newark (EWR) - Hong Kong (HKG)

New York has several large airports connecting the city to the rest of the world, and when it comes to the longest routes available we also find the one between Newark Airport and Hong Kong on the list. There are no direct flights between these two airports, which gives you a flight time of between 20 and 26 hours depending on which connection you choose.

*Note that the report was established in 2020 and is based on data from 2019.

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