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Lucky Air flights

Popular Lucky Air flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Lucky Air: most popular flights

Flight # From To
8L 9555 KMG Kunming SJW Shijiazhuang
8L 9839 KMG Kunming YNZ Yancheng
8L 9817 CKG Chongqing HIA Huai'an
8L 9572 KOW Ganzhou KMG Kunming
8L 9818 CKG Chongqing LJG Lijiang
8L 9840 DLC Dalian YNZ Yancheng
8L 9872 NGB Ningbo YIH Yichang
8L 9556 HRB Harbin SJW Shijiazhuang
8L 9571 KMG Kunming KOW Ganzhou
8L 9658 KOW Ganzhou TFU Chengdu
8L 9742 DLU Dali City MIG Mian Yang
8L 9843 HAK Haikou KOW Ganzhou
8L 9871 KMG Kunming YIH Yichang
8L 9618 DLU Dali City JHG Jinghong
8L 9617 DLU Dali City KHN Nanchang
8L 9657 KOW Ganzhou TNA Jinan
8L 9741 MIG Mian Yang DLU Dali City
8L 9564 DLU Dali City LZO Luzhou
8L 9844 HGH Hangzhou KOW Ganzhou
8L 9798 KWE Guiyang LJG Lijiang
8L 9797 KWE Guiyang NGB Ningbo
8L 9563 CGO Zhengzhou LZO Luzhou
8L 9828 NGB Ningbo WMT Zunyi
8L 9960 AQG Anqing KMG Kunming
8L 9732 JJN Jinjiang SYM Pu'er
8L 9561 KMG Kunming KOW Ganzhou
8L 9950 JHG Jinghong TCZ Tengchong
8L 9949 KMG Kunming TCZ Tengchong
8L 9827 DLU Dali City WMT Zunyi
8L 9959 AQG Anqing NGB Ningbo
8L 9649 JHG Jinghong LZO Luzhou
8L 9731 LJG Lijiang SYM Pu'er
8L 9650 LZO Luzhou JHG Jinghong
8L 9562 HGH Hangzhou KOW Ganzhou
8L 9733 KMG Kunming INC Yinchuan
8L 9755 KWE Guiyang JJN Jinjiang
8L 9835 LJG Lijiang XIY Xian
8L 9675 TFU Chengdu LXA Lhasa/Lasa
8L 9640 XIY Xian JHG Jinghong
8L 9626 CGO Zhengzhou JHG Jinghong
8L 9819 CGO Zhengzhou LJG Lijiang
8L 9880 FOC Fuzhou KMG Kunming
8L 9848 HFE Hefei KMG Kunming
8L 9532 HLD Hailar CGO Zhengzhou
8L 9963 KMG Kunming HET Hohhot
8L 9771 KWE Guiyang XUZ Xuzhou
8L 9821 LJG Lijiang PVG Shanghai
8L 9735 LXA Lhasa/Lasa WUH Wuhan
8L 9692 SYX Sanya TFU Chengdu
8L 9946 TFU Chengdu KMG Kunming