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Spring Airlines flights

Popular Spring Airlines flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Spring Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
9C 8830 CGD Changde SHA Shanghai
9C 7550 NGB Ningbo SZX Shenzhen
9C 6173 CZX Changzhou SWA Jieyang
9C 6481 DOY Dongying CGQ Changchun
9C 6452 LHW Lanzhou PVG Shanghai
9C 6366 NGB Ningbo DLC Dalian
9C 7039 SZX Shenzhen WUH Wuhan
9C 7395 CAN Guangzhou LHW Lanzhou
9C 6482 CGQ Changchun DOY Dongying
9C 7194 NKG Nanjing DLC Dalian
9C 6551 SHE Shenyang YTY Yangzhou
9C 6539 SJW Shijiazhuang TGO Tongliao
9C 6365 DLC Dalian NGB Ningbo
9C 6777 DLC Dalian YTY Yangzhou
9C 8671 HIA Huai'an HRB Harbin
9C 6678 AAT Altay LHW Lanzhou
9C 8829 CGD Changde KMG Kunming
9C 8672 HIA Huai'an SZX Shenzhen
9C 6137 LHW Lanzhou DNH Dunhuang
9C 6778 NNG Nanning YTY Yangzhou
9C 8659 SHE Shenyang SJW Shijiazhuang
9C 6540 SJW Shijiazhuang SZX Shenzhen
9C 8527 SZX Shenzhen ZYI Zunyi
9C 6552 YTY Yangzhou SHE Shenyang
9C 7396 AKU Aksu LHW Lanzhou
9C 6138 DNH Dunhuang LHW Lanzhou
9C 6677 LHW Lanzhou AAT Altay
9C 8528 LHW Lanzhou ZYI Zunyi
9C 8846 URC Urumqi XIY Xian
9C 6451 LHW Lanzhou SHF Shihezi
9C 8845 SHA Shanghai XIY Xian
9C 8660 SJW Shijiazhuang SHE Shenyang
9C 7040 WUA Wu Hai WUH Wuhan
9C 7549 NGB Ningbo SHE Shenyang
9C 6174 CZX Changzhou SHE Shenyang
9C 7193 DLC Dalian NKG Nanjing
9C 8785 SJW Shijiazhuang YNZ Yancheng
9C 8786 FOC Fuzhou YNZ Yancheng
9C 8858 HIA Huai'an NGB Ningbo
9C 7670 KHN Nanchang SWA Jieyang
9C 7669 KHN Nanchang LHW Lanzhou
9C 8857 HIA Huai'an LHW Lanzhou
9C 6270 CGQ Changchun YTY Yangzhou
9C 7536 ENH Enshi TNA Jinan
9C 7620 LHW Lanzhou TNA Jinan
9C 7619 DLC Dalian TNA Jinan
9C 7025 HDG Handan XMN Xiamen
9C 8924 KHN Nanchang SHE Shenyang
9C 6951 KMG Kunming LUM Mangshi
9C 6927 SHA Shanghai URC Urumqi