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American Airlines flights

Do you want to find the best connection offered by American Airlines, or see their newest or most popular routes? Take a look at our guide to the American operator who is currently the largest airline in the world.

Popular American Airlines flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

American Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
AA 776 MIA Miami STI Santiago
AA 1358 ABQ Albuquerque PHX Phoenix
AA 5964 AGS Augusta CLT Charlotte
AA 2070 CLT Charlotte MEM Memphis
AA 5667 DCA Washington YYZ Toronto
AA 1904 CLT Charlotte RDU Raleigh/Durham
AA 2439 CLT Charlotte SRQ Sarasota
AA 5883 CLT Charlotte ERI Erie
AA 5052 ABE Allentown CLT Charlotte
AA 1616 CLT Charlotte MCI Kansas City
AA 5870 CLT Charlotte TLH Tallahassee
AA 5095 CAE Columbia DCA Washington
AA 5852 CHO Charlottesville CLT Charlotte
AA 5754 AVL Asheville PHL Philadelphia
AA 4347 IND Indianapolis JFK New York
AA 1202 DCA Washington DFW Dallas
AA 859 CLT Charlotte NAS Nassau
AA 5030 CLT Charlotte YYZ Toronto
AA 5781 CHA Chattanooga CLT Charlotte
AA 927 CLE Cleveland CLT Charlotte
AA 5180 CLT Charlotte HPN Westchester County
AA 1841 CLT Charlotte MSY New Orleans
AA 570 DFW Dallas LGA New York
AA 5665 DCA Washington YYZ Toronto
AA 4825 DFW Dallas GRK Killeen
AA 2325 CHS Charleston DFW Dallas
AA 5880 PHL Philadelphia YYZ Toronto
AA 2475 CLT Charlotte SRQ Sarasota
AA 1400 KIN Kingston MIA Miami
AA 5594 CLT Charlotte MLB Melbourne
AA 554 PHX Phoenix PVR Puerto Vallarta
AA 1894 CLT Charlotte RDU Raleigh/Durham
AA 5802 CLT Charlotte EVV Evansville
AA 5020 CLT Charlotte YYZ Toronto
AA 5910 CLT Charlotte FAY Fayetteville
AA 3253 GDL Guadalajara PHX Phoenix
AA 2470 CLT Charlotte LAS Las Vegas
AA 1437 IND Indianapolis LAX Los Angeles
AA 3983 DFW Dallas LRD Laredo
AA 4772 LGA New York YUL Montreal
AA 1853 CLT Charlotte PBI West Palm Beach
AA 2397 CLT Charlotte FLL Fort Lauderdale
AA 5021 CLT Charlotte GSO Greensboro/High Point
AA 3963 AVL Asheville ORD Chicago
AA 5196 BNA Nashville CLT Charlotte
AA 1283 ATL Atlanta DCA Washington
AA 1893 CLT Charlotte ORF Norfolk
AA 2704 CLT Charlotte RDU Raleigh/Durham
AA 5932 CLT Charlotte TRI Bristol, VA/Johnson City/Kingsport
AA 2717 CLT Charlotte MCI Kansas City