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American Airlines flights

Do you want to find the best connection offered by American Airlines, or see their newest or most popular routes? Take a look at our guide to the American operator who is currently the largest airline in the world.

Popular American Airlines flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

American Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
AA 1208 BUR Burbank DFW Dallas
AA 5178 CLT Charlotte ILM Wilmington
AA 5939 ALB Albany ORD Chicago
AA 879 CLT Charlotte PLS Providenciales
AA 1051 ATL Atlanta DFW Dallas
AA 5752 CLT Charlotte OAJ Richlands
AA 2679 DFW Dallas SRQ Sarasota
AA 1379 BDL Hartford CLT Charlotte
AA 1419 CLT Charlotte FLL Fort Lauderdale
AA 2215 CLT Charlotte IND Indianapolis
AA 2295 MIA Miami UVF Saint Lucia
AA 2471 CLT Charlotte SRQ Sarasota
AA 5594 CLT Charlotte MLB Melbourne
AA 5667 DCA Washington YYZ Toronto
AA 2703 MIA Miami POS Port Of Spain
AA 5883 CLT Charlotte ERI Erie
AA 1022 CLT Charlotte DTW Detroit
AA 554 PHX Phoenix PVR Puerto Vallarta
AA 5187 BHM Birmingham PHL Philadelphia
AA 4841 DFW Dallas LBB Lubbock
AA 2477 CLT Charlotte STL Saint Louis
AA 3518 DFW Dallas EVV Evansville
AA 5940 CHO Charlottesville CLT Charlotte
AA 3253 GDL Guadalajara PHX Phoenix
AA 5753 CLT Charlotte PGV Greenville
AA 1615 CLT Charlotte JAX Jacksonville
AA 5030 CLT Charlotte YYZ Toronto
AA 2720 DFW Dallas TUS Tucson
AA 5852 CHO Charlottesville CLT Charlotte
AA 819 MIA Miami PAP Port-au-Prince
AA 6184 BMI Bloomington ORD Chicago
AA 318 MIA Miami SKB Saint Kitts
AA 1215 DFW Dallas PVR Puerto Vallarta
AA 2651 CLT Charlotte SFO San Francisco
AA 5177 BDL Hartford DCA Washington
AA 4944 PHX Phoenix PSC Pasco
AA 1906 CLT Charlotte RDU Raleigh/Durham
AA 1346 AUA Aruba CLT Charlotte
AA 1154 MIA Miami SDQ Santo Domingo
AA 5084 BNA Nashville CLT Charlotte
AA 2150 CLT Charlotte SJU San Juan
AA 1613 MIA Miami SJU San Juan
AA 2302 DFW Dallas QRO Queretaro
AA 1661 CLT Charlotte IAH Houston
AA 5665 DCA Washington YYZ Toronto
AA 4934 DFW Dallas DRO Durango
AA 1877 CLT Charlotte PVD Providence
AA 5020 CLT Charlotte YYZ Toronto
AA 5052 ABE Allentown CLT Charlotte
AA 5802 CLT Charlotte EVV Evansville