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Air Canada flights

Popular Air Canada flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Air Canada: most popular flights

Flight # From To
AC 34 SYD Sydney YVR Vancouver
AC 90 GRU Sao Paulo EZE Buenos Aires
AC 91 EZE Buenos Aires GRU Sao Paulo
AC 33 YVR Vancouver SYD Sydney
AC 894 YUL Montreal MXP Milan
AC 895 MXP Milan YUL Montreal
AC 8597 SMF Sacramento YVR Vancouver
AC 8478 YVR Vancouver YZF Yellowknife
AC 584 YYC Calgary EWR New York
AC 2250 YHZ Halifax YYT St. John's
AC 8053 YKA Kamloops YVR Vancouver
AC 8423 YMM Fort McMurray YYC Calgary
AC 7705 YOW Ottawa YTZ Toronto
AC 8320 YQQ Comox YVR Vancouver
AC 8495 YSJ Saint John YYZ Toronto
AC 7704 YTZ Toronto YOW Ottawa
AC 7962 YTZ Toronto YUL Montreal
AC 8823 YUL Montreal DCA Washington
AC 8938 YUL Montreal EWR New York
AC 8781 DCA Washington YYZ Toronto
AC 8634 YUL Montreal LGA New York
AC 8873 EWR New York YYZ Toronto
AC 582 IAH Houston YUL Montreal
AC 551 LAX Los Angeles YVR Vancouver
AC 8641 LGA New York YUL Montreal
AC 7969 YUL Montreal YTZ Toronto
AC 8987 LGA New York YYZ Toronto
AC 7773 YUL Montreal YYZ Toronto
AC 8652 YVR Vancouver PDX Portland
AC 8931 PHL Philadelphia YYZ Toronto
AC 8323 YVR Vancouver YQQ Comox
AC 8371 YVR Vancouver YXJ Fort St. John
AC 8784 YYZ Toronto DCA Washington
AC 8874 YYZ Toronto EWR New York
AC 8540 YYZ Toronto LGA New York
AC 503 YYZ Toronto ORD Chicago
AC 1654 YYZ Toronto TPA Tampa
AC 8494 YYZ Toronto YSJ Saint John
AC 8479 YZF Yellowknife YVR Vancouver
AC 8459 YVR Vancouver YYD Smithers
AC 8127 YEG Edmonton YYC Calgary
AC 8113 YEG Edmonton YZF Yellowknife
AC 2270 YHZ Halifax YQX Gander
AC 2256 YHZ Halifax YYT St. John's
AC 8420 YYC Calgary YMM Fort McMurray
AC 8061 YKA Kamloops YVR Vancouver
AC 8356 YQG Windsor YYZ Toronto
AC 2271 YQX Gander YHZ Halifax
AC 8746 CLT Charlotte YYZ Toronto
AC 1073 YUL Montreal DEN Denver