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Azul flights

Popular Azul flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Azul: most popular flights

Flight # From To
AD 2620 BEL Belem SLZ Sao Luiz
AD 5550 ITB Itaituba JRT Juruti
AD 5339 AIR Aripuana JIA Juina
AD 4477 REC Recife SLZ Sao Luiz
AD 2705 BEL Belem VCP Campinas
AD 4360 IMP Imperatriz SLZ Sao Luiz
AD 4840 BEL Belem MCP Macapa
AD 5140 ARX Aracati FOR Fortaleza
AD 4095 AAX Araxa UBA Uberaba
AD 5141 BRB Barreirinhas PHB Parnaiba
AD 2690 BYO Bonito VCP Campinas
AD 2811 BEL Belem CKS Carajas
AD 4240 CKS Carajas BEL Belem
AD 5580 BEL Belem MEU Monte Dourado
AD 5342 CIZ Coari MAO Manaus
AD 5300 IRZ Santa Isabel Rio Negro MAO Manaus
AD 4237 CNF Belo Horizonte POJ Patos De Minas
AD 2877 NSR Serra da Capivara PNZ Petrolina
AD 2985 CNF Belo Horizonte GIG Rio De Janeiro
AD 2859 VCP Campinas UDI Uberlandia
AD 4191 LDB Londrina CWB Curitiba
AD 5183 LHN Linhares CNF Belo Horizonte
AD 4218 BEL Belem ATM Altamira
AD 2680 MGF Maringa CWB Curitiba
AD 4855 PFB Passo Fundo VCP Campinas
AD 4676 PNZ Petrolina REC Recife
AD 4576 POA Porto Alegre CWB Curitiba
AD 4181 POA Porto Alegre IGU Iguassu Falls
AD 4694 POA Porto Alegre URG Uruguaiana
AD 4398 RAO Ribeirao Preto VCP Campinas
AD 4541 REC Recife BEL Belem
AD 4277 REC Recife CGH Sao Paulo
AD 4276 REC Recife VCP Campinas
AD 5122 RRJ Rio De Janeiro CGH Sao Paulo
AD 2956 CNF Belo Horizonte MOC Montes Claros
AD 4195 SSA Salvador VCP Campinas
AD 4393 UDI Uberlandia VCP Campinas
AD 4978 VCP Campinas BSB Brasilia
AD 4440 CWB Curitiba POA Porto Alegre
AD 2713 VCP Campinas CGR Campo Grande
AD 2866 VCP Campinas CNF Belo Horizonte
AD 4992 CXJ Caxias do Sul VCP Campinas
AD 4404 FEN Fernando De Noronha REC Recife
AD 2967 FLN Florianopolis CNF Belo Horizonte
AD 2809 FLN Florianopolis VCP Campinas
AD 4296 VCP Campinas IGU Iguassu Falls
AD 4669 FOR Fortaleza VCP Campinas
AD 2660 VCP Campinas PGZ Ponta Grossa
AD 4268 VCP Campinas RAO Ribeirao Preto
AD 4079 VCP Campinas REC Recife