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JetBlue Airways flights

Popular JetBlue flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

JetBlue Airways: most popular flights

Flight # From To
B6 1961 LGA New York PBI West Palm Beach
B6 1621 LHR London BOS Boston
B6 2356 MBJ Montego Bay EWR New York
B6 2769 BQN Aguadilla TPA Tampa
B6 1131 CHS Charleston FLL Fort Lauderdale
B6 1230 CUN Cancun EWR New York
B6 1076 MCO Orlando PVD Providence
B6 1033 MCO Orlando SJU San Juan
B6 2523 DCA Washington MCO Orlando
B6 1368 PBI West Palm Beach HPN Westchester County
B6 2795 FLL Fort Lauderdale CUN Cancun
B6 2632 PUJ Punta Cana SJU San Juan
B6 1196 FLL Fort Lauderdale PVD Providence
B6 2851 FLL Fort Lauderdale UIO Quito
B6 1167 HPN Westchester County PBI West Palm Beach
B6 2536 STI Santiago JFK New York
B6 1533 JFK New York CTG Cartagena
B6 2514 LGA New York ATL Atlanta
B6 499 LGA New York MCO Orlando
B6 2439 LGA New York NAS Nassau
B6 1824 LIM Lima FLL Fort Lauderdale
B6 1408 CDG Paris JFK New York
B6 1532 CTG Cartagena JFK New York
B6 241 MCO Orlando NAS Nassau
B6 1014 CUN Cancun MCO Orlando
B6 1733 DCA Washington PBI West Palm Beach
B6 143 EWR New York PBI West Palm Beach
B6 603 EWR New York SDQ Santo Domingo
B6 1197 PVD Providence FLL Fort Lauderdale
B6 2020 FLL Fort Lauderdale ORH Worcester
B6 1145 RIC Richmond FLL Fort Lauderdale
B6 613 HPN Westchester County FLL Fort Lauderdale
B6 2448 SDQ Santo Domingo FLL Fort Lauderdale
B6 2752 SJU San Juan TPA Tampa
B6 1135 STT Saint Thomas SJU San Juan
B6 548 TPA Tampa HPN Westchester County
B6 2751 TPA Tampa SJU San Juan
B6 1328 JFK New York GUA Guatemala City
B6 119 ALB Albany MCO Orlando
B6 1059 JFK New York KIN Kingston
B6 2810 LGA New York ATL Atlanta
B6 1013 MCO Orlando CUN Cancun
B6 85 BUF Buffalo MCO Orlando
B6 1077 MCO Orlando PUJ Punta Cana
B6 1265 MCO Orlando STI Santiago
B6 1923 DCA Washington MCO Orlando
B6 1347 DCA Washington SJU San Juan
B6 1394 NAS Nassau FLL Fort Lauderdale
B6 2534 PBI West Palm Beach DCA Washington
B6 1130 FLL Fort Lauderdale CHS Charleston