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Air China flights

Flight numbers

Air China: most popular flights

Flight # From To
CA 1234 KRY Karamay PEK Beijing
CA 1233 KRY Karamay YIN Yining
CA 8224 CGQ Changchun YNT Yantai
CA 8333 HET Hohhot XIL Xilinhot
CA 1240 AKU Aksu LHW Lanzhou
CA 1239 LHW Lanzhou AKU Aksu
CA 8965 DLC Dalian HFE Hefei
CA 8223 WUH Wuhan YNT Yantai
CA 8229 LFQ Qiaoli PEK Beijing
CA 8230 LFQ Qiaoli WUH Wuhan
CA 8334 HET Hohhot PVG Shanghai
CA 8966 HFE Hefei DLC Dalian
CA 4013 CKG Chongqing YCU Yuncheng
CA 1787 HGH Hangzhou WEH Weihai
CA 1788 HRB Harbin WEH Weihai
CA 4014 SHE Shenyang YCU Yuncheng
CA 1226 KWL Guilin XIY Xian
CA 1225 PEK Beijing XIY Xian
CA 8320 URC Urumqi XNN Xining
CA 8319 PVG Shanghai XNN Xining
CA 8514 HET Hohhot HGH Hangzhou
CA 8950 HAK Haikou TSN Tianjin
CA 8513 HET Hohhot HLD Hailar
CA 8949 DLC Dalian TSN Tianjin
CA 1286 KHG Kashi URC Urumqi
CA 1285 PEK Beijing URC Urumqi
CA 1293 PEK Beijing URC Urumqi
CA 1294 HTN Hotan URC Urumqi
CA 954 DLC Dalian PEK Beijing
CA 953 DLC Dalian FUK Fukuoka
CA 2926 TYN Taiyuan TSN Tianjin
CA 1781 HGH Hangzhou YCU Yuncheng
CA 1782 URC Urumqi YCU Yuncheng
CA 8962 CSX Changsha TNA Jinan
CA 2925 TSN Tianjin TYN Taiyuan
CA 8961 DLC Dalian TNA Jinan
CA 8272 KRL Korla LHW Lanzhou
CA 2639 CGO Zhengzhou DOY Dongying
CA 2640 CGO Zhengzhou TFU Chengdu
CA 8271 LHW Lanzhou KRL Korla
CA 8225 TSN Tianjin DQA Daqing
CA 8226 DQA Daqing TSN Tianjin
CA 1604 HRB Harbin PEK Beijing
CA 1276 AKU Aksu URC Urumqi
CA 1603 HRB Harbin JSJ Jiansanjiang
CA 1275 PEK Beijing URC Urumqi
CA 8938 KMG Kunming WDS Shiyan
CA 8937 DLC Dalian WDS Shiyan
CA 2659 TFU Chengdu HUZ Huizhou
CA 2660 HUZ Huizhou TFU Chengdu