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China Southern Airlines flights

Flight numbers

China Southern Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
CZ 6939 URC Urumqi WUH Wuhan
CZ 3131 CAN Guangzhou SJW Shijiazhuang
CZ 6934 HET Hohhot URC Urumqi
CZ 3842 WUH Wuhan ENH Enshi
CZ 6589 CAN Guangzhou WUH Wuhan
CZ 6390 CGO Zhengzhou SZX Shenzhen
CZ 3938 CGQ Changchun TAO Qingdao
CZ 5411 NAO Nanchong HUZ Huizhou
CZ 6652 CGQ Changchun WUH Wuhan
CZ 3195 CAN Guangzhou CGO Zhengzhou
CZ 6317 NNG Nanning WUH Wuhan
CZ 6963 URC Urumqi XNN Xining
CZ 6226 PVG Shanghai TAO Qingdao
CZ 6998 SHA Shanghai URC Urumqi
CZ 3891 HIA Huai'an SWA Jieyang
CZ 3436 KWE Guiyang SZX Shenzhen
CZ 5320 CSX Changsha KWE Guiyang
CZ 3937 CSX Changsha TAO Qingdao
CZ 6492 LHW Lanzhou SHE Shenyang
CZ 340 CAN Guangzhou HAK Haikou
CZ 6393 CAN Guangzhou KWE Guiyang
CZ 6457 DLC Dalian WHA Wuhu
CZ 6940 WUH Wuhan URC Urumqi
CZ 6984 YNZ Yancheng DLC Dalian
CZ 6225 DQA Daqing TAO Qingdao
CZ 6917 CGO Zhengzhou FOC Fuzhou
CZ 3464 CKG Chongqing CAN Guangzhou
CZ 6427 CSX Changsha KMG Kunming
CZ 8684 CSX Changsha NNG Nanning
CZ 3892 CAN Guangzhou SWA Jieyang
CZ 6964 KHN Nanchang XNN Xining
CZ 6768 CGQ Changchun CSX Changsha
CZ 5319 CSX Changsha HZA Heze
CZ 8683 CSX Changsha TYN Taiyuan
CZ 339 CAN Guangzhou ICN Seoul
CZ 6318 HRB Harbin WUH Wuhan
CZ 6236 KWE Guiyang TAO Qingdao
CZ 3196 BAV Baotou CGO Zhengzhou
CZ 6619 CGQ Changchun WUH Wuhan
CZ 8430 CSX Changsha NNG Nanning
CZ 6890 CSX Changsha URC Urumqi
CZ 6325 DLC Dalian NGB Ningbo
CZ 6620 WUH Wuhan CGQ Changchun
CZ 3787 KWE Guiyang LHW Lanzhou
CZ 6950 CKG Chongqing URC Urumqi
CZ 6889 CSX Changsha SZX Shenzhen
CZ 6955 CSX Changsha WNZ Wenzhou
CZ 6312 RIZ Rizhao SHE Shenyang
CZ 6311 RIZ Rizhao SZX Shenzhen
CZ 6389 CGO Zhengzhou DSN Dongsheng