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Delta Air Lines flights

Popular Delta flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Delta Air Lines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
DL 5338 ABY Albany ATL Atlanta
DL 4277 CDC Cedar City SLC Salt Lake City
DL 4262 ABR Aberdeen MSP Minneapolis
DL 4279 ESC Escanaba MSP Minneapolis
DL 4272 BRD Brainerd MSP Minneapolis
DL 4237 BTM Butte SLC Salt Lake City
DL 1003 DCA Washington MCO Orlando
DL 4084 ABQ Albuquerque SLC Salt Lake City
DL 3801 FCA Kalispell SLC Salt Lake City
DL 3859 GTF Great Falls SLC Salt Lake City
DL 3833 LWS Lewiston SLC Salt Lake City
DL 3871 SLC Salt Lake City TUS Tucson
DL 553 DCA Washington SLC Salt Lake City
DL 2706 BOS Boston TPA Tampa
DL 2289 SAN San Diego SLC Salt Lake City
DL 406 ATL Atlanta BZN Belgrade
DL 1401 BOS Boston FLL Fort Lauderdale
DL 904 ATL Atlanta SMF Sacramento
DL 1329 ATL Atlanta DAY Dayton
DL 3806 MFR Medford SLC Salt Lake City
DL 4274 APN Alpena DTW Detroit
DL 5389 ATL Atlanta BMI Bloomington
DL 854 ANC Anchorage SEA Seattle
DL 4126 LAX Los Angeles RNO Reno
DL 4253 SGU Saint George SLC Salt Lake City
DL 4099 LAX Los Angeles RNO Reno
DL 3727 RDM Redmond SLC Salt Lake City
DL 3880 HLN Helena SLC Salt Lake City
DL 4283 BJI Bemidji MSP Minneapolis
DL 4254 MSP Minneapolis RHI Rhinelander
DL 3794 GEG Spokane LAX Los Angeles
DL 499 BOS Boston DEN Denver
DL 571 BOS Boston SAN San Diego
DL 1950 ATL Atlanta STT Saint Thomas
DL 3726 PSP Palm Springs SLC Salt Lake City
DL 1341 DEN Denver MSP Minneapolis
DL 1053 CVG Cincinnati DEN Denver
DL 4135 EUG Eugene SLC Salt Lake City
DL 1189 DTW Detroit SAT San Antonio
DL 952 IAD Dulles SEA Seattle
DL 5185 ATL Atlanta MLU Monroe
DL 2827 ATL Atlanta DAB Daytona Beach
DL 3768 FAT Fresno SLC Salt Lake City
DL 4982 AVL Asheville LGA New York
DL 1160 HSV Huntsville ATL Atlanta
DL 4958 ATL Atlanta MLI Moline
DL 1458 ATL Atlanta PBI West Palm Beach
DL 2752 OMA Omaha ATL Atlanta
DL 2991 ATL Atlanta LIT Little Rock
DL 1163 BOI Boise SLC Salt Lake City