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Flair Airlines flights

Flight numbers

Flair Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
F8 601 YYZ Toronto YVR Vancouver
F8 600 YVR Vancouver YYZ Toronto
F8 801 YYC Calgary YVR Vancouver
F8 800 YVR Vancouver YYC Calgary
F8 500 YXX Vancouver YYC Calgary
F8 501 YYC Calgary YXX Vancouver
F8 660 YXX Vancouver YYZ Toronto
F8 661 YYZ Toronto YXX Vancouver
F8 2810 YVR Vancouver CUN Cancun
F8 2801 PVR Puerto Vallarta YVR Vancouver
F8 2800 YVR Vancouver PVR Puerto Vallarta
F8 2710 YEG Edmonton CUN Cancun
F8 2101 CUN Cancun YUL Montreal
F8 2100 YUL Montreal CUN Cancun
F8 2711 CUN Cancun YEG Edmonton
F8 2610 YYZ Toronto CUN Cancun
F8 2811 CUN Cancun YVR Vancouver
F8 1602 YYZ Toronto FLL Fort Lauderdale
F8 1603 FLL Fort Lauderdale YYZ Toronto
F8 830 YVR Vancouver YEG Edmonton
F8 2611 CUN Cancun YYZ Toronto
F8 701 YEG Edmonton YXX Vancouver
F8 700 YXX Vancouver YEG Edmonton
F8 1889 LAX Los Angeles YVR Vancouver
F8 1888 YVR Vancouver LAX Los Angeles
F8 1600 YYZ Toronto FLL Fort Lauderdale
F8 831 YEG Edmonton YVR Vancouver
F8 1601 FLL Fort Lauderdale YYZ Toronto
F8 1621 SFB Orlando YYZ Toronto
F8 1620 YYZ Toronto SFB Orlando
F8 2631 PUJ Punta Cana YYZ Toronto
F8 2630 YYZ Toronto PUJ Punta Cana
F8 1677 YYZ Toronto LAS Las Vegas
F8 1676 LAS Las Vegas YYZ Toronto
F8 2500 YYC Calgary PVR Puerto Vallarta
F8 2501 PVR Puerto Vallarta YYC Calgary
F8 620 YYC Calgary YYZ Toronto
F8 1876 YVR Vancouver LAS Las Vegas
F8 1877 LAS Las Vegas YVR Vancouver
F8 642 YWG Winnipeg YYZ Toronto
F8 621 YYZ Toronto YYC Calgary
F8 1100 YUL Montreal FLL Fort Lauderdale
F8 1101 FLL Fort Lauderdale YUL Montreal
F8 1513 LAS Las Vegas YYC Calgary
F8 1512 YYC Calgary LAS Las Vegas
F8 2620 YYZ Toronto PVR Puerto Vallarta
F8 2621 PVR Puerto Vallarta YYZ Toronto
F8 756 YLW Kelowna YEG Edmonton
F8 757 YEG Edmonton YLW Kelowna
F8 654 YYZ Toronto YHZ Halifax