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Frontier Airlines flights

Flight numbers

Frontier Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
F9 2415 CLE Cleveland PHX Phoenix
F9 71 CUN Cancun DEN Denver
F9 143 BWI Baltimore CUN Cancun
F9 142 CUN Cancun BWI Baltimore
F9 2122 PBI West Palm Beach TTN Trenton
F9 70 DEN Denver CUN Cancun
F9 1699 CVG Cincinnati ATL Atlanta
F9 1362 ATL Atlanta FLL Fort Lauderdale
F9 2147 CLT Charlotte LAS Las Vegas
F9 153 ATL Atlanta CUN Cancun
F9 163 MCO Orlando CUN Cancun
F9 1760 MCO Orlando CLT Charlotte
F9 1102 ATL Atlanta PHL Philadelphia
F9 1165 PHL Philadelphia MCO Orlando
F9 2594 MCO Orlando TTN Trenton
F9 86 STL Saint Louis CUN Cancun
F9 87 CUN Cancun STL Saint Louis
F9 1518 RDU Raleigh/Durham PHL Philadelphia
F9 1759 CLT Charlotte MCO Orlando
F9 44 ORD Chicago CUN Cancun
F9 2173 FLL Fort Lauderdale ATL Atlanta
F9 2483 MDW Chicago SFO San Francisco
F9 2416 MCO Orlando PHL Philadelphia
F9 1577 ORD Chicago ATL Atlanta
F9 45 CUN Cancun ORD Chicago
F9 4886 PHX Phoenix DTW Detroit
F9 1176 DEN Denver MDW Chicago
F9 2339 PHL Philadelphia MSY New Orleans
F9 1961 DFW Dallas LAS Las Vegas
F9 1039 BUF Buffalo MCO Orlando
F9 2059 OMA Omaha LAS Las Vegas
F9 1238 MCO Orlando BOS Boston
F9 1101 MCO Orlando LAS Las Vegas
F9 1700 ATL Atlanta CVG Cincinnati
F9 1517 MIA Miami ATL Atlanta
F9 2340 MSY New Orleans PHL Philadelphia
F9 1383 MDW Chicago PHX Phoenix
F9 154 CUN Cancun ATL Atlanta
F9 2083 LAS Las Vegas SFO San Francisco
F9 1595 ATL Atlanta ORD Chicago
F9 2016 LAS Las Vegas CLE Cleveland
F9 2548 CVG Cincinnati MCO Orlando
F9 3009 CLE Cleveland TPA Tampa
F9 234 CUN Cancun MDW Chicago
F9 2060 RDU Raleigh/Durham PHL Philadelphia
F9 4920 DEN Denver MCO Orlando
F9 3535 PHL Philadelphia PBI West Palm Beach
F9 3502 TPA Tampa PHL Philadelphia
F9 2583 TTN Trenton FLL Fort Lauderdale
F9 4184 CVG Cincinnati MCO Orlando