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Shanghai Airlines flights

Flight numbers

Shanghai Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
FM 9431 CGQ Changchun NKG Nanjing
FM 9354 CGQ Changchun WEH Weihai
FM 9232 DDG Dandong YNT Yantai
FM 9432 NKG Nanjing CGQ Changchun
FM 9269 JGS Ji'An HAK Haikou
FM 9125 PVG Shanghai RIZ Rizhao
FM 9231 SHA Shanghai YNT Yantai
FM 9128 HET Hohhot PVG Shanghai
FM 9353 PVG Shanghai WEH Weihai
FM 9127 HET Hohhot HLD Hailar
FM 9229 SHA Shanghai TAO Qingdao
FM 9270 HAK Haikou JGS Ji'An
FM 9126 DLC Dalian RIZ Rizhao
FM 9230 JXA Jixi TAO Qingdao
FM 9446 CGO Zhengzhou WNZ Wenzhou
FM 9445 CGO Zhengzhou INC Yinchuan
FM 9223 CGQ Changchun PVG Shanghai
FM 9509 DLC Dalian MDG Mudanjiang
FM 9382 KWL Guilin PVG Shanghai
FM 9469 WNZ Wenzhou YNT Yantai
FM 9116 SHA Shanghai XMN Xiamen
FM 9470 HRB Harbin YNT Yantai
FM 9510 DLC Dalian PVG Shanghai
FM 9069 KWL Guilin PVG Shanghai
FM 9393 CSX Changsha WUZ Wuzhou
FM 9394 CSX Changsha PVG Shanghai
FM 9070 CGQ Changchun PVG Shanghai
FM 9296 CGO Zhengzhou HGH Hangzhou
FM 9428 CKG Chongqing SHA Shanghai
FM 824 GMP Seoul SHA Shanghai
FM 9442 KMG Kunming CGO Zhengzhou
FM 9458 KWE Guiyang SHA Shanghai
FM 829 PVG Shanghai PUS Busan
FM 9221 PVG Shanghai URC Urumqi
FM 9544 TFU Chengdu PVG Shanghai
FM 9352 CAN Guangzhou HGH Hangzhou
FM 9312 CAN Guangzhou SHA Shanghai
FM 9452 KMG Kunming SHA Shanghai
FM 9515 PVG Shanghai WNZ Wenzhou
FM 9307 SHA Shanghai CAN Guangzhou
FM 9395 SHA Shanghai CSX Changsha
FM 815 SHA Shanghai HND Tokyo
FM 9222 URC Urumqi PVG Shanghai
FM 9516 WNZ Wenzhou PVG Shanghai
FM 9318 CAN Guangzhou SHA Shanghai
FM 9324 CGO Zhengzhou PVG Shanghai
FM 9424 CKG Chongqing SHA Shanghai
FM 858 HKT Phuket PVG Shanghai
FM 828 ICN Seoul PVG Shanghai
FM 830 PUS Busan PVG Shanghai