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Tianjin Airlines flights

Flight numbers

Tianjin Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
GS 6645 HET Hohhot HLH Ulanhot
GS 6414 HET Hohhot TSN Tianjin
GS 6429 DLC Dalian WEH Weihai
GS 6430 PVG Shanghai WEH Weihai
GS 6413 DLC Dalian TSN Tianjin
GS 7409 HLD Hailar NZL Chengjisihan
GS 7616 BAV Baotou XIY Xian
GS 7618 CIF Chifeng HET Hohhot
GS 7617 HET Hohhot CIF Chifeng
GS 7410 HET Hohhot NZL Chengjisihan
GS 7840 HTN Hotan URC Urumqi
GS 6646 HLD Hailar HLH Ulanhot
GS 7615 BAV Baotou HLD Hailar
GS 7839 TSN Tianjin URC Urumqi
GS 7438 CGO Zhengzhou ZYI Zunyi
GS 7437 HAK Haikou ZYI Zunyi
GS 7601 WMT Zunyi HAK Haikou
GS 7602 HAK Haikou WMT Zunyi
GS 7930 KWE Guiyang XIY Xian
GS 7929 TSN Tianjin XIY Xian
GS 7916 CIF Chifeng TSN Tianjin
GS 7521 CGO Zhengzhou TAO Qingdao
GS 7530 KWE Guiyang URC Urumqi
GS 7522 CGO Zhengzhou URC Urumqi
GS 7584 HRB Harbin TSN Tianjin
GS 7529 KWE Guiyang SYX Sanya
GS 6638 HLH Ulanhot XIL Xilinhot
GS 6637 HET Hohhot XIL Xilinhot
GS 7583 TSN Tianjin HRB Harbin
GS 7915 CIF Chifeng HLD Hailar
GS 7531 INC Yinchuan NTG Nantong
GS 6630 CGO Zhengzhou HET Hohhot
GS 6629 CGO Zhengzhou WNZ Wenzhou
GS 6500 HET Hohhot UYN Yulin
GS 6499 HET Hohhot HLD Hailar
GS 6498 HZG Hanzhong UYN Yulin
GS 6560 JDZ Jingdezhen HAK Haikou
GS 7645 RLK Bayannur HLD Hailar
GS 7545 XIY Xian ZYI Zunyi
GS 7546 SYX Sanya ZYI Zunyi
GS 7818 FUG Fuyang TSN Tianjin
GS 7879 IQN Qingyang LHW Lanzhou
GS 6451 KWE Guiyang SWA Jieyang
GS 7524 XIY Xian URC Urumqi
GS 7646 HLD Hailar RLK Bayannur
GS 7532 INC Yinchuan URC Urumqi
GS 7523 URC Urumqi XIY Xian
GS 7817 FUG Fuyang XMN Xiamen
GS 6559 HAK Haikou JDZ Jingdezhen
GS 6452 HAK Haikou SWA Jieyang