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Hawaiian Airlines flights

Popular Hawaiian Airlines flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Hawaiian Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
HA 449 HNL Honolulu KIX Osaka
HA 51 JFK New York HNL Honolulu
HA 62 KOA Kailua-Kona LAX Los Angeles
HA 63 LAX Los Angeles LIH Kauai Island
HA 71 LGB Long Beach OGG Kahului
HA 21 SEA Seattle HNL Honolulu
HA 450 KIX Osaka HNL Honolulu
HA 33 LAX Los Angeles OGG Kahului
HA 50 HNL Honolulu JFK New York
HA 18 HNL Honolulu LAS Las Vegas
HA 22 HNL Honolulu SEA Seattle
HA 40 OGG Kahului PDX Portland
HA 61 LAX Los Angeles KOA Kailua-Kona
HA 31 LAS Las Vegas OGG Kahului
HA 72 OGG Kahului LGB Long Beach
HA 1 LAX Los Angeles HNL Honolulu
HA 34 OGG Kahului LAX Los Angeles
HA 126 HNL Honolulu OGG Kahului
HA 549 OGG Kahului LIH Kauai Island
HA 7 LAS Las Vegas HNL Honolulu
HA 178 HNL Honolulu KOA Kailua-Kona
HA 16 HNL Honolulu SAN San Diego
HA 239 KOA Kailua-Kona OGG Kahului
HA 249 OGG Kahului LIH Kauai Island
HA 246 HNL Honolulu OGG Kahului
HA 68 LIH Kauai Island OAK Oakland
HA 67 OAK Oakland LIH Kauai Island
HA 25 PDX Portland HNL Honolulu
HA 129 KOA Kailua-Kona LIH Kauai Island
HA 17 LAS Las Vegas HNL Honolulu
HA 30 OGG Kahului SEA Seattle
HA 162 HNL Honolulu ITO Hilo
HA 339 KOA Kailua-Kona OGG Kahului
HA 349 OGG Kahului LIH Kauai Island
HA 39 PDX Portland OGG Kahului
HA 232 HNL Honolulu ITO Hilo
HA 70 HNL Honolulu LGB Long Beach
HA 139 KOA Kailua-Kona OGG Kahului
HA 69 LGB Long Beach HNL Honolulu
HA 4 HNL Honolulu LAX Los Angeles
HA 393 HNL Honolulu LIH Kauai Island
HA 19 SMF Sacramento HNL Honolulu
HA 80 HNL Honolulu ONT Ontario
HA 11 SFO San Francisco HNL Honolulu
HA 59 SMF Sacramento OGG Kahului
HA 20 HNL Honolulu SMF Sacramento
HA 58 OGG Kahului SAN San Diego
HA 26 HNL Honolulu PDX Portland
HA 44 HNL Honolulu SJC San Jose
HA 60 OGG Kahului SMF Sacramento