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Juneyao Airlines flights

Popular Juneyao Airlines flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Juneyao Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
HO 1719 DLC Dalian NKG Nanjing
HO 1739 NKG Nanjing LZH Liuzhou
HO 1787 LZH Liuzhou NKG Nanjing
HO 1903 HUZ Huizhou WUH Wuhan
HO 1911 HUZ Huizhou NKG Nanjing
HO 2059 WNZ Wenzhou WUH Wuhan
HO 1093 PVG Shanghai YYA Yueyang
HO 1187 PVG Shanghai SHE Shenyang
HO 1906 CGO Zhengzhou HUZ Huizhou
HO 1914 KWE Guiyang HUZ Huizhou
HO 2292 TAO Qingdao HRB Harbin
HO 1275 PVG Shanghai HAK Haikou
HO 1674 LJG Lijiang NKG Nanjing
HO 1901 HUZ Huizhou KWE Guiyang
HO 1909 HFE Hefei DLC Dalian
HO 1161 DLC Dalian HLD Hailar
HO 1717 KWL Guilin NKG Nanjing
HO 1720 DYG Dayong NKG Nanjing
HO 1904 TYN Taiyuan WUH Wuhan
HO 1912 CGQ Changchun NKG Nanjing
HO 2009 TAO Qingdao WUX Wuxi
HO 2060 LJG Lijiang WUH Wuhan
HO 1094 KMG Kunming YYA Yueyang
HO 1188 HLD Hailar SHE Shenyang
HO 1907 HUZ Huizhou WUX Wuxi
HO 1931 CSX Changsha TAO Qingdao
HO 2037 HGH Hangzhou TAO Qingdao
HO 2055 CGO Zhengzhou BAV Baotou
HO 1071 CSX Changsha LJG Lijiang
HO 1234 HUZ Huizhou PVG Shanghai
HO 1902 KWE Guiyang HUZ Huizhou
HO 1910 DLC Dalian HFE Hefei
HO 1991 DLC Dalian HGH Hangzhou
HO 2032 HGH Hangzhou DLC Dalian
HO 1076 CGQ Changchun TAO Qingdao
HO 1162 DLC Dalian PVG Shanghai
HO 1182 PVG Shanghai HUZ Huizhou
HO 1905 CGO Zhengzhou HET Hohhot
HO 1913 HUZ Huizhou KWE Guiyang
HO 2010 SYX Sanya WUX Wuxi
HO 2291 HRB Harbin TAO Qingdao
HO 1057 PVG Shanghai TFU Chengdu
HO 1211 PVG Shanghai XIY Xian
HO 1673 HRB Harbin NKG Nanjing
HO 1908 HRB Harbin WUX Wuxi
HO 1932 CIF Chifeng TAO Qingdao
HO 2038 CGQ Changchun TAO Qingdao
HO 2056 BAV Baotou CGO Zhengzhou
HO 1072 CSX Changsha PVG Shanghai
HO 1075 PVG Shanghai TAO Qingdao