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Juneyao Airlines flights

Flight numbers

Juneyao Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
HO 1720 DLC Dalian NKG Nanjing
HO 1818 DLC Dalian HGH Hangzhou
HO 1990 HRB Harbin TAO Qingdao
HO 1989 TAO Qingdao HRB Harbin
HO 1188 HLD Hailar SHE Shenyang
HO 1934 KHN Nanchang TAO Qingdao
HO 1187 PVG Shanghai SHE Shenyang
HO 1094 KMG Kunming YYA Yueyang
HO 1816 CIF Chifeng HGH Hangzhou
HO 1933 KHN Nanchang LJG Lijiang
HO 1902 KWE Guiyang HUZ Huizhou
HO 1815 CIF Chifeng HRB Harbin
HO 1071 CSX Changsha LJG Lijiang
HO 1093 PVG Shanghai YYA Yueyang
HO 1932 CIF Chifeng TAO Qingdao
HO 1907 HUZ Huizhou WUX Wuxi
HO 1901 HUZ Huizhou KWE Guiyang
HO 1931 CSX Changsha TAO Qingdao
HO 1075 PVG Shanghai TAO Qingdao
HO 1067 PVG Shanghai YIH Yichang
HO 1908 HRB Harbin WUX Wuxi
HO 1072 CSX Changsha PVG Shanghai
HO 1853 TAO Qingdao WUX Wuxi
HO 1854 SYX Sanya WUX Wuxi
HO 1076 CGQ Changchun TAO Qingdao
HO 2061 PVG Shanghai WUH Wuhan
HO 2062 JHG Jinghong WUH Wuhan
HO 1912 CGQ Changchun NKG Nanjing
HO 1911 HUZ Huizhou NKG Nanjing
HO 1068 SZX Shenzhen YIH Yichang
HO 1879 HFE Hefei HUZ Huizhou
HO 1880 HFE Hefei XIY Xian
HO 1193 PVG Shanghai XIY Xian
HO 1157 PVG Shanghai ZUH Zhuhai
HO 1275 PVG Shanghai HAK Haikou
HO 1817 HGH Hangzhou DLC Dalian
HO 1099 PVG Shanghai KMG Kunming
HO 1131 PVG Shanghai TYN Taiyuan
HO 1211 PVG Shanghai XIY Xian
HO 1719 DLC Dalian NKG Nanjing
HO 1207 PVG Shanghai KWE Guiyang
HO 1245 PVG Shanghai CKG Chongqing
HO 1712 NKG Nanjing HRB Harbin
HO 1074 JHG Jinghong WUH Wuhan
HO 1073 PVG Shanghai WUH Wuhan
HO 1711 HRB Harbin NKG Nanjing
HO 1108 KWL Guilin PVG Shanghai
HO 1107 PVG Shanghai KWL Guilin
HO 1734 DLC Dalian NKG Nanjing
HO 1825 DYG Dayong KMG Kunming