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Hainan Airlines flights

Flight numbers

Hainan Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
HU 7062 CGQ Changchun WUH Wuhan
HU 7061 HAK Haikou WUH Wuhan
HU 7637 CGO Zhengzhou ZUH Zhuhai
HU 7260 DLC Dalian DOY Dongying
HU 7887 LHW Lanzhou HGH Hangzhou
HU 7418 CSX Changsha HAK Haikou
HU 7866 CSX Changsha URC Urumqi
HU 7075 HAK Haikou NGB Ningbo
HU 7855 HET Hohhot NKG Nanjing
HU 6271 SYX Sanya WUH Wuhan
HU 7835 TYN Taiyuan TAO Qingdao
HU 7326 CGO Zhengzhou SYX Sanya
HU 7865 CSX Changsha XMN Xiamen
HU 7314 HRB Harbin NKG Nanjing
HU 7898 SYX Sanya XIY Xian
HU 7745 SZX Shenzhen XUZ Xuzhou
HU 7325 CGO Zhengzhou DLC Dalian
HU 7424 CGO Zhengzhou HGH Hangzhou
HU 6005 HFE Hefei DLC Dalian
HU 7823 URC Urumqi WUH Wuhan
HU 7824 WNZ Wenzhou WUH Wuhan
HU 7423 CGO Zhengzhou KHG Kashi
HU 7688 CGQ Changchun WUH Wuhan
HU 7642 CSX Changsha DLC Dalian
HU 7856 HET Hohhot URC Urumqi
HU 7868 HGH Hangzhou XIY Xian
HU 7650 LHW Lanzhou TSN Tianjin
HU 7697 NKG Nanjing TYN Taiyuan
HU 7867 URC Urumqi XIY Xian
HU 7171 CKG Chongqing URC Urumqi
HU 7417 CSX Changsha LHW Lanzhou
HU 7313 CAN Guangzhou NKG Nanjing
HU 7638 CGO Zhengzhou DLC Dalian
HU 6006 DLC Dalian HFE Hefei
HU 7888 HGH Hangzhou LHW Lanzhou
HU 6211 HRB Harbin TSN Tianjin
HU 7464 KHN Nanchang DLC Dalian
HU 6212 NNG Nanning TSN Tianjin
HU 7627 CSX Changsha FOC Fuzhou
HU 7649 DLC Dalian TSN Tianjin
HU 7746 HET Hohhot XUZ Xuzhou
HU 7640 KWE Guiyang NGB Ningbo
HU 7076 NGB Ningbo HAK Haikou
HU 7463 DLC Dalian KHN Nanchang
HU 6272 TAO Qingdao WUH Wuhan
HU 7687 HAK Haikou WUH Wuhan
HU 7628 CSX Changsha TYN Taiyuan
HU 7043 HAK Haikou ZHA Zhanjiang
HU 7067 HAK Haikou WUH Wuhan
HU 7172 CKG Chongqing HAK Haikou