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Beijing Capital Airlines flights

Flight numbers

Beijing Capital Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
JD 5279 HGH Hangzhou SJW Shijiazhuang
JD 5304 CGQ Changchun SJW Shijiazhuang
JD 5765 CSX Changsha CGQ Changchun
JD 5617 FOC Fuzhou SHE Shenyang
JD 5763 HAK Haikou KWL Guilin
JD 5690 KWE Guiyang YIH Yichang
JD 5281 LJG Lijiang JHG Jinghong
JD 5525 LJG Lijiang SJW Shijiazhuang
JD 5106 TXN Tunxi XIY Xian
JD 5511 KHN Nanchang HAK Haikou
JD 5764 KWL Guilin HAK Haikou
JD 5766 CGQ Changchun CSX Changsha
JD 5202 HAK Haikou KWL Guilin
JD 5280 SJW Shijiazhuang HGH Hangzhou
JD 5882 CGO Zhengzhou HAK Haikou
JD 5618 FOC Fuzhou SYX Sanya
JD 5282 JHG Jinghong LJG Lijiang
JD 5201 KWL Guilin HAK Haikou
JD 5105 TXN Tunxi XMN Xiamen
JD 5208 XNN Xining PKX Beijing
JD 5303 SJW Shijiazhuang CGQ Changchun
JD 5891 HAK Haikou SJW Shijiazhuang
JD 5689 HGH Hangzhou YIH Yichang
JD 5207 PKX Beijing XNN Xining
JD 5531 SJW Shijiazhuang HRB Harbin
JD 5881 CGO Zhengzhou HET Hohhot
JD 5892 CIF Chifeng SJW Shijiazhuang
JD 5526 SHE Shenyang SJW Shijiazhuang
JD 5512 HAK Haikou KHN Nanchang
JD 5628 SHE Shenyang WUH Wuhan
JD 5841 HAK Haikou HFE Hefei
JD 5570 HET Hohhot HFE Hefei
JD 5627 SYX Sanya WUH Wuhan
JD 5532 HRB Harbin SJW Shijiazhuang
JD 5569 HFE Hefei HET Hohhot
JD 5842 CGQ Changchun HFE Hefei
JD 5795 HAK Haikou TNA Jinan
JD 5796 HRB Harbin TNA Jinan
JD 5330 HET Hohhot WUH Wuhan
JD 5625 SYX Sanya WUH Wuhan
JD 5626 CGQ Changchun WUH Wuhan
JD 5329 HAK Haikou WUH Wuhan
JD 5564 JJN Jinjiang JUH Chizhou
JD 5339 SYX Sanya WHA Wuhu
JD 5340 TNA Jinan WHA Wuhu
JD 5513 XIY Xian YIC Yichun
JD 5563 JUH Chizhou JJN Jinjiang
JD 5544 KWE Guiyang WDS Shiyan
JD 5119 TAO Qingdao TXN Tunxi
JD 5305 HAK Haikou HCZ Chenzhou