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JAL flights

Popular JAL flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

JAL: most popular flights

Flight # From To
JL 667 HND Tokyo OIT Oita
JL 231 HND Tokyo OKJ Okayama
JL 85 HND Tokyo PVG Shanghai
JL 35 HND Tokyo SIN Singapore
JL 483 HND Tokyo TAK Takamatsu
JL 465 HND Tokyo TKS Tokushima
JL 71 HNL Honolulu HND Tokyo
JL 2153 ITM Osaka AOJ Aomori
JL 2235 ITM Osaka GAJ Yamagata
JL 104 ITM Osaka HND Tokyo
JL 124 ITM Osaka HND Tokyo
JL 2355 ITM Osaka IZO Izumo
JL 2437 ITM Osaka KMI Miyazaki
JL 2403 ITM Osaka KOJ Kagoshima
JL 2163 ITM Osaka MSJ Misawa
JL 2361 ITM Osaka OIT Oita
JL 2205 ITM Osaka SDJ Sendai
JL 3550 IZO Izumo FUK Fukuoka
JL 2346 IZO Izumo ITM Osaka
JL 490 KCZ Kochi HND Tokyo
JL 2244 KIJ Niigata ITM Osaka
JL 228 KIX Osaka HND Tokyo
JL 374 KKJ Kitakyushu HND Tokyo
JL 3622 KMI Miyazaki FUK Fukuoka
JL 692 KMI Miyazaki HND Tokyo
JL 2442 KMI Miyazaki ITM Osaka
JL 638 KMJ Kumamoto HND Tokyo
JL 188 KMQ Komatsu HND Tokyo
JL 3729 KOJ Kagoshima ASJ Amami O Shima
JL 646 KOJ Kagoshima HND Tokyo
JL 2406 KOJ Kagoshima ITM Osaka
JL 3761 KOJ Kagoshima TNE Nakatane
JL 2860 KUH Kushiro OKD Sapporo
JL 42 LHR London HND Tokyo
JL 566 MMB Memanbetsu HND Tokyo
JL 552 AKJ Asahikawa HND Tokyo
JL 154 MSJ Misawa HND Tokyo
JL 142 AOJ Aomori HND Tokyo
JL 3608 MYJ Matsuyama FUK Fukuoka
JL 2310 MYJ Matsuyama ITM Osaka
JL 3724 ASJ Amami O Shima KOJ Kagoshima
JL 3843 ASJ Amami O Shima TKN Tokunoshima
JL 606 NGS Nagasaki HND Tokyo
JL 2824 AXT Akita OKD Sapporo
JL 2376 NGS Nagasaki ITM Osaka
JL 88 CAN Guangzhou HND Tokyo
JL 407 NRT Tokyo FRA Frankfurt
JL 62 NRT Tokyo LAX Los Angeles
JL 506 CTS Sapporo HND Tokyo
JL 522 CTS Sapporo HND Tokyo