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JAL flights

Flight numbers

JAL: most popular flights

Flight # From To
JL 2355 ITM Osaka IZO Izumo
JL 2437 ITM Osaka KMI Miyazaki
JL 2451 ITM Osaka KUM Yakushima
JL 3006 ITM Osaka NRT Tokyo
JL 2201 ITM Osaka SDJ Sendai
JL 2325 ITM Osaka TJH Toyooka
JL 3 JFK New York HND Tokyo
JL 498 KCZ Kochi HND Tokyo
JL 3780 KKX Kikaiga Shima KOJ Kagoshima
JL 3642 KMI Miyazaki FUK Fukuoka
JL 2434 KMI Miyazaki ITM Osaka
JL 630 KMJ Kumamoto HND Tokyo
JL 3721 KOJ Kagoshima ASJ Amami O Shima
JL 640 KOJ Kagoshima HND Tokyo
JL 2400 KOJ Kagoshima ITM Osaka
JL 3687 KOJ Kagoshima MYJ Matsuyama
JL 3791 KOJ Kagoshima TKN Tokunoshima
JL 3763 KOJ Kagoshima TNE Nakatane
JL 3746 KUM Yakushima KOJ Kagoshima
JL 140 AOJ Aomori HND Tokyo
JL 2156 AOJ Aomori ITM Osaka
JL 3861 ASJ Amami O Shima RNJ Yoronjima
JL 3686 MYJ Matsuyama KOJ Kagoshima
JL 616 NGS Nagasaki HND Tokyo
JL 2809 CTS Sapporo AOJ Aomori
JL 725 NRT Tokyo CGK Jakarta
JL 2839 CTS Sapporo HNA Hanamaki
JL 3087 NRT Tokyo NGO Nagoya
JL 530 CTS Sapporo HND Tokyo
JL 759 NRT Tokyo SGN Ho Chi Minh City
JL 2872 CTS Sapporo KIJ Niigata
JL 576 OBO Obihiro HND Tokyo
JL 300 FUK Fukuoka HND Tokyo
JL 316 FUK Fukuoka HND Tokyo
JL 3581 FUK Fukuoka KCZ Kochi
JL 3641 FUK Fukuoka KMI Miyazaki
JL 3808 OKE Wadomari KOJ Kagoshima
JL 3537 FUK Fukuoka SDJ Sendai
JL 86 PVG Shanghai HND Tokyo
JL 2903 SDJ Sendai CTS Sapporo
JL 2204 SDJ Sendai ITM Osaka
JL 3526 HNA Hanamaki FUK Fukuoka
JL 70 SGN Ho Chi Minh City HND Tokyo
JL 36 SIN Singapore HND Tokyo
JL 482 TAK Takamatsu HND Tokyo
JL 501 HND Tokyo CTS Sapporo
JL 3564 TKS Tokushima FUK Fukuoka
JL 313 HND Tokyo FUK Fukuoka
JL 17 YVR Vancouver NRT Tokyo
JL 493 HND Tokyo KCZ Kochi