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China United Airlines flights

Popular China United Airlines flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

China United Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
KN 5352 JNG Jining DSN Dongsheng
KN 5501 HRB Harbin DTU Wudalianchi
KN 5769 HYN Taizhou FUO Fuoshan
KN 5915 DOY Dongying WNZ Wenzhou
KN 5531 LLV Luliang KMG Kunming
KN 5605 PKX Beijing UYN Yulin
KN 5108 PKX Beijing UYN Yulin
KN 5502 DTU Wudalianchi HRB Harbin
KN 5770 FUO Fuoshan HYN Taizhou
KN 5916 DOY Dongying PKX Beijing
KN 5351 DSN Dongsheng JNG Jining
KN 5869 PKX Beijing WHA Wuhu
KN 5532 KMG Kunming LLV Luliang
KN 5606 LHW Lanzhou UYN Yulin
KN 5870 FUO Fuoshan WHA Wuhu
KN 5107 TFU Chengdu UYN Yulin
KN 5817 HSN Zhoushan FUO Fuoshan
KN 5818 FUO Fuoshan HSN Zhoushan
KN 2320 DBC Baicheng SJW Shijiazhuang
KN 5617 DSN Dongsheng KCA Kuqa
KN 5618 DSN Dongsheng PKX Beijing
KN 2319 PVG Shanghai SJW Shijiazhuang
KN 2380 WNZ Wenzhou SJW Shijiazhuang
KN 2822 ZUH Zhuhai DSN Dongsheng
KN 2972 WNZ Wenzhou TSN Tianjin
KN 5206 KWL Guilin WNZ Wenzhou
KN 5238 TFU Chengdu PKX Beijing
KN 5282 CKG Chongqing WNZ Wenzhou
KN 5522 HLD Hailar PKX Beijing
KN 5612 URC Urumqi PKX Beijing
KN 5628 ACX Xingyi PKX Beijing
KN 5706 PVG Shanghai FUO Fuoshan
KN 5752 WNZ Wenzhou FUO Fuoshan
KN 5778 SHA Shanghai FUO Fuoshan
KN 5812 HAK Haikou PKX Beijing
KN 5826 SHS Shashi PKX Beijing
KN 5908 YIW Yiwu PKX Beijing
KN 5926 FOC Fuzhou PKX Beijing
KN 6698 PVG Shanghai SJW Shijiazhuang
KN 2101 PKX Beijing HUZ Huizhou
KN 2261 PKX Beijing YNJ Yanji
KN 2369 SJW Shijiazhuang BAV Baotou
KN 2867 DSN Dongsheng WNZ Wenzhou
KN 2959 PVG Shanghai UYN Yulin
KN 5217 PKX Beijing TFU Chengdu
KN 5331 FUO Fuoshan TFU Chengdu
KN 5567 PKX Beijing HLD Hailar
KN 5729 WNZ Wenzhou PKX Beijing
KN 5799 PKX Beijing HCZ Chenzhou
KN 5889 PKX Beijing ZHA Zhanjiang