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Jet2 flights

Popular Jet2 flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Jet2: most popular flights

Flight # From To
LS 641 EMA Leicestershire ALC Alicante
LS 642 ALC Alicante EMA Leicestershire
LS 583 NCL Newcastle ALC Alicante
LS 584 ALC Alicante NCL Newcastle
LS 272 ALC Alicante LBA Leeds
LS 271 LBA Leeds ALC Alicante
LS 1215 BHX Birmingham ALC Alicante
LS 1203 BHX Birmingham AGP Malaga
LS 1204 AGP Malaga BHX Birmingham
LS 1216 ALC Alicante BHX Birmingham
LS 202 AGP Malaga LBA Leeds
LS 201 LBA Leeds AGP Malaga
LS 1411 STN London ALC Alicante
LS 1412 ALC Alicante STN London
LS 598 FAO Faro NCL Newcastle
LS 605 EMA Leicestershire AGP Malaga
LS 606 AGP Malaga EMA Leicestershire
LS 177 GLA Glasgow ALC Alicante
LS 558 AGP Malaga NCL Newcastle
LS 557 NCL Newcastle AGP Malaga
LS 597 NCL Newcastle FAO Faro
LS 178 ALC Alicante GLA Glasgow
LS 880 ALC Alicante MAN Manchester
LS 809 MAN Manchester AGP Malaga
LS 810 AGP Malaga MAN Manchester
LS 879 MAN Manchester ALC Alicante
LS 686 FAO Faro EMA Leicestershire
LS 685 EMA Leicestershire FAO Faro
LS 251 LBA Leeds FAO Faro
LS 876 FAO Faro MAN Manchester
LS 252 FAO Faro LBA Leeds
LS 1221 BHX Birmingham FAO Faro
LS 1222 FAO Faro BHX Birmingham
LS 875 MAN Manchester FAO Faro
LS 602 PMI Palma de Mallorca EMA Leicestershire
LS 601 EMA Leicestershire PMI Palma de Mallorca
LS 1872 PMI Palma de Mallorca BRS Bristol
LS 1871 BRS Bristol PMI Palma de Mallorca
LS 174 FAO Faro GLA Glasgow
LS 532 PMI Palma de Mallorca NCL Newcastle
LS 173 GLA Glasgow FAO Faro
LS 531 NCL Newcastle PMI Palma de Mallorca
LS 1439 STN London FAO Faro
LS 1440 FAO Faro STN London
LS 1529 STN London PMI Palma de Mallorca
LS 1405 STN London AGP Malaga
LS 1406 AGP Malaga STN London
LS 831 MAN Manchester PMI Palma de Mallorca
LS 1275 BHX Birmingham PMI Palma de Mallorca
LS 190 PMI Palma de Mallorca GLA Glasgow