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SWISS flights

Popular SWISS flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

SWISS: most popular flights

Flight # From To
LX 92 GRU Sao Paulo EZE Buenos Aires
LX 93 EZE Buenos Aires GRU Sao Paulo
LX 40 ZRH Zurich LAX Los Angeles
LX 154 ZRH Zurich BOM Mumbai
LX 19 EWR New York ZRH Zurich
LX 53 BOS Boston ZRH Zurich
LX 352 GVA Geneva LHR London
LX 14 ZRH Zurich JFK New York
LX 38 ZRH Zurich SFO San Francisco
LX 86 ZRH Zurich YUL Montreal
LX 180 ZRH Zurich BKK Bangkok
LX 282 ZRH Zurich JNB Johannesburg
LX 8 ZRH Zurich ORD Chicago
LX 138 ZRH Zurich HKG Hong Kong
LX 176 ZRH Zurich SIN Singapore
LX 353 LHR London GVA Geneva
LX 39 SFO San Francisco ZRH Zurich
LX 181 BKK Bangkok ZRH Zurich
LX 18 ZRH Zurich EWR New York
LX 52 ZRH Zurich BOS Boston
LX 9 ORD Chicago ZRH Zurich
LX 146 ZRH Zurich DEL Delhi
LX 155 BOM Mumbai ZRH Zurich
LX 15 JFK New York ZRH Zurich
LX 87 YUL Montreal ZRH Zurich
LX 283 JNB Johannesburg ZRH Zurich
LX 16 ZRH Zurich JFK New York
LX 17 JFK New York ZRH Zurich
LX 242 ZRH Zurich DXB Dubai
LX 22 GVA Geneva JFK New York
LX 139 HKG Hong Kong ZRH Zurich
LX 41 LAX Los Angeles ZRH Zurich
LX 147 DEL Delhi ZRH Zurich
LX 243 DXB Dubai ZRH Zurich
LX 177 SIN Singapore ZRH Zurich
LX 23 JFK New York GVA Geneva
LX 64 ZRH Zurich MIA Miami
LX 348 GVA Geneva LHR London
LX 349 LHR London GVA Geneva
LX 65 MIA Miami ZRH Zurich
LX 1081 FRA Frankfurt GVA Geneva
LX 1080 GVA Geneva FRA Frankfurt
LX 357 LHR London GVA Geneva
LX 356 GVA Geneva LHR London
LX 1887 OTP Bucharest ZRH Zurich
LX 790 GVA Geneva BRU Brussels
LX 189 PVG Shanghai ZRH Zurich
LX 2808 ZRH Zurich GVA Geneva
LX 2817 GVA Geneva ZRH Zurich
LX 188 ZRH Zurich PVG Shanghai