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Xiamen Airlines flights

Popular Xiamen Airlines flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Xiamen Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
MF 8225 CSX Changsha XNN Xining
MF 8902 WMT Zunyi WUH Wuhan
MF 8388 CAN Guangzhou XMN Xiamen
MF 8098 HRB Harbin NKG Nanjing
MF 8275 CSX Changsha URC Urumqi
MF 8901 DLC Dalian WUH Wuhan
MF 8266 CKG Chongqing JJN Jinjiang
MF 8276 CSX Changsha XMN Xiamen
MF 8387 SHE Shenyang XMN Xiamen
MF 8097 JJN Jinjiang NKG Nanjing
MF 8309 CSX Changsha SYX Sanya
MF 8230 CSX Changsha HGH Hangzhou
MF 8265 CKG Chongqing XNN Xining
MF 8963 INC Yinchuan WMT Zunyi
MF 8229 CSX Changsha URC Urumqi
MF 8310 CSX Changsha TAO Qingdao
MF 8964 WMT Zunyi INC Yinchuan
MF 8296 INC Yinchuan WUH Wuhan
MF 8082 MDG Mudanjiang TAO Qingdao
MF 8057 FOC Fuzhou TNA Jinan
MF 8081 TAO Qingdao MDG Mudanjiang
MF 8058 DLC Dalian TNA Jinan
MF 8044 CGQ Changchun HGH Hangzhou
MF 8059 HGH Hangzhou SHE Shenyang
MF 8786 DLC Dalian YCU Yuncheng
MF 8785 CKG Chongqing YCU Yuncheng
MF 8043 HGH Hangzhou CGQ Changchun
MF 8235 CSX Changsha INC Yinchuan
MF 8189 FOC Fuzhou NKG Nanjing
MF 8242 TNA Jinan JJN Jinjiang
MF 8190 NKG Nanjing FOC Fuzhou
MF 8241 JJN Jinjiang TNA Jinan
MF 8030 SHE Shenyang WUH Wuhan
MF 8029 CKG Chongqing WUH Wuhan
MF 8236 CSX Changsha FOC Fuzhou
MF 8295 HGH Hangzhou WUH Wuhan
MF 8060 HGH Hangzhou JJN Jinjiang
MF 8819 XMN Xiamen YCU Yuncheng
MF 8090 DLC Dalian HIA Huai'an
MF 8089 HIA Huai'an DLC Dalian
MF 8820 INC Yinchuan YCU Yuncheng
MF 8066 CGQ Changchun TAO Qingdao
MF 8065 JJN Jinjiang TAO Qingdao
MF 8148 HET Hohhot NTG Nantong
MF 8147 FOC Fuzhou NTG Nantong
MF 8809 HFE Hefei YCU Yuncheng
MF 8810 HFE Hefei JJN Jinjiang
MF 8620 MIG Mian Yang WUH Wuhan
MF 8619 JJN Jinjiang WUH Wuhan
MF 8274 WUH Wuhan FOC Fuzhou