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Xiamen Airlines flights

Flight numbers

Xiamen Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
MF 8433 CSX Changsha MIG Mian Yang
MF 8434 CKG Chongqing XMN Xiamen
MF 8459 CSX Changsha NAO Nanchong
MF 8460 CSX Changsha XMN Xiamen
MF 8081 TAO Qingdao MDG Mudanjiang
MF 8412 CKG Chongqing FOC Fuzhou
MF 8235 CSX Changsha INC Yinchuan
MF 8310 CSX Changsha TAO Qingdao
MF 8085 FOC Fuzhou TAO Qingdao
MF 8387 SHE Shenyang XMN Xiamen
MF 8044 CGQ Changchun HGH Hangzhou
MF 8564 CSX Changsha FOC Fuzhou
MF 8813 DLC Dalian TSN Tianjin
MF 8846 FOC Fuzhou SHE Shenyang
MF 838 BKK Bangkok FOC Fuzhou
MF 8940 CGQ Changchun NGB Ningbo
MF 8229 CSX Changsha URC Urumqi
MF 8845 FOC Fuzhou SYX Sanya
MF 8790 HGH Hangzhou HRB Harbin
MF 8635 KWL Guilin LJG Lijiang
MF 8082 MDG Mudanjiang TAO Qingdao
MF 8056 SHE Shenyang TAO Qingdao
MF 8055 TAO Qingdao SHE Shenyang
MF 8964 WMT Zunyi INC Yinchuan
MF 8027 CKG Chongqing INC Yinchuan
MF 8842 FOC Fuzhou TAO Qingdao
MF 8789 HGH Hangzhou LZH Liuzhou
MF 8220 INC Yinchuan FOC Fuzhou
MF 8097 JJN Jinjiang NKG Nanjing
MF 8814 TSN Tianjin DLC Dalian
MF 8563 CSX Changsha LJG Lijiang
MF 837 DLC Dalian FOC Fuzhou
MF 8786 DLC Dalian YCU Yuncheng
MF 8086 HRB Harbin TAO Qingdao
MF 8029 LYG Lianyungang SHE Shenyang
MF 8388 CAN Guangzhou XMN Xiamen
MF 8784 CGO Zhengzhou HGH Hangzhou
MF 8411 CKG Chongqing LXA Lhasa/Lasa
MF 8785 CKG Chongqing YCU Yuncheng
MF 8309 CSX Changsha SYX Sanya
MF 8219 FOC Fuzhou INC Yinchuan
MF 8144 HAK Haikou JJN Jinjiang
MF 8028 HRB Harbin INC Yinchuan
MF 8963 INC Yinchuan WMT Zunyi
MF 8143 JJN Jinjiang HAK Haikou
MF 8242 TNA Jinan JJN Jinjiang
MF 8783 CGO Zhengzhou XNN Xining
MF 8236 CSX Changsha FOC Fuzhou
MF 8098 HRB Harbin NKG Nanjing
MF 8241 JJN Jinjiang TNA Jinan