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China Eastern Airlines flights

Popular China Eastern flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

China Eastern Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
MU 2159 ENY Yan'an XIY Xian
MU 5576 CGO Zhengzhou YNT Yantai
MU 6453 ENH Enshi INC Yinchuan
MU 5773 DIG Diqing CAN Guangzhou
MU 6733 CAN Guangzhou WUH Wuhan
MU 6895 CAN Guangzhou WEH Weihai
MU 5175 KHN Nanchang PKX Beijing
MU 6464 DSN Dongsheng HRB Harbin
MU 9029 PVG Shanghai SJW Shijiazhuang
MU 9045 KHN Nanchang KWL Guilin
MU 2263 KMG Kunming XIY Xian
MU 2409 SHA Shanghai TYN Taiyuan
MU 6451 KHN Nanchang KMG Kunming
MU 6383 INC Yinchuan SHE Shenyang
MU 6734 DAT Datong WUH Wuhan
MU 6896 CGQ Changchun WEH Weihai
MU 2335 PVG Shanghai XIY Xian
MU 5244 NGB Ningbo TAO Qingdao
MU 5811 CWJ Cangyuan KMG Kunming
MU 9030 DSN Dongsheng SJW Shijiazhuang
MU 9046 BHY Beihai KWL Guilin
MU 5507 DSN Dongsheng LHW Lanzhou
MU 5021 TAO Qingdao ICN Seoul
MU 2264 SHE Shenyang XIY Xian
MU 5575 CGO Zhengzhou KMG Kunming
MU 6452 KHN Nanchang SHE Shenyang
MU 5518 HRB Harbin TAO Qingdao
MU 5174 KHN Nanchang ZHA Zhanjiang
MU 2373 LHW Lanzhou TYN Taiyuan
MU 2518 DLC Dalian TAO Qingdao
MU 6463 DSN Dongsheng INC Yinchuan
MU 5719 KMG Kunming PKX Beijing
MU 5776 JGS Ji'An KMG Kunming
MU 5517 SHA Shanghai TAO Qingdao
MU 6657 HFE Hefei KWL Guilin
MU 2410 HET Hohhot TYN Taiyuan
MU 5658 DSN Dongsheng TNA Jinan
MU 5775 JGS Ji'An PVG Shanghai
MU 6450 DLC Dalian YNT Yantai
MU 5243 NGB Ningbo SZX Shenzhen
MU 6385 TAO Qingdao HRB Harbin
MU 5657 DSN Dongsheng XNN Xining
MU 5720 KMG Kunming LNJ Lincang
MU 6658 HFE Hefei SHE Shenyang
MU 5508 DSN Dongsheng TAO Qingdao
MU 6131 TFU Chengdu TNA Jinan
MU 2374 TYN Taiyuan LHW Lanzhou
MU 6454 ENH Enshi KHN Nanchang
MU 6449 KHN Nanchang YNT Yantai
MU 2326 KHN Nanchang LHW Lanzhou