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ANA flights

Flight numbers

ANA: most popular flights

Flight # From To
NH 837 HND Tokyo DEL Delhi
NH 4661 NGS Nagasaki TSJ Tsushima
NH 897 NRT Tokyo HAN Hanoi
NH 180 NRT Tokyo MEX Mexico City
NH 865 HND Tokyo GMP Seoul
NH 8 NRT Tokyo SFO San Francisco
NH 557 HND Tokyo HKD Hakodate
NH 2498 OIT Oita HND Tokyo
NH 457 HND Tokyo HSG Saga
NH 4379 OKA Okinawa ASJ Amami O Shima
NH 1212 OKA Okinawa FUK Fukuoka
NH 1767 OKA Okinawa ISG Ishigaki
NH 3821 HND Tokyo KIX Osaka
NH 1727 OKA Okinawa MMY Miyakojima
NH 2465 HND Tokyo KMI Miyazaki
NH 1622 OKA Okinawa TAK Takamatsu
NH 2415 HND Tokyo KMJ Kumamoto
NH 2479 HND Tokyo KOJ Kagoshima
NH 375 HND Tokyo MBE Monbetsu
NH 3147 SDJ Sendai CTS Sapporo
NH 3116 SDJ Sendai FUK Fukuoka
NH 738 SDJ Sendai ITM Osaka
NH 2437 HND Tokyo NGS Nagasaki
NH 3122 SDJ Sendai NGO Nagoya
NH 970 SHA Shanghai HND Tokyo
NH 880 SYD Sydney HND Tokyo
NH 961 HND Tokyo PEK Beijing
NH 852 TSA Taipei HND Tokyo
NH 965 HND Tokyo SZX Shenzhen
NH 300 TTJ Tottori HND Tokyo
NH 4819 UKB Kobe CTS Sapporo
NH 4844 WKJ Wakkanai CTS Sapporo
NH 115 YVR Vancouver HND Tokyo
NH 113 IAH Houston HND Tokyo
NH 1853 ITM Osaka AOJ Aomori
NH 1605 ITM Osaka KCZ Kochi
NH 1663 ITM Osaka KIJ Niigata
NH 1854 AOJ Aomori ITM Osaka
NH 4301 AXJ Amakusa FUK Fukuoka
NH 4688 AXT Akita NGO Nagoya
NH 109 JFK New York HND Tokyo
NH 1114 CTS Sapporo FKS Fukushima
NH 3188 KIJ Niigata FUK Fukuoka
NH 3890 KKJ Kitakyushu HND Tokyo
NH 4865 CTS Sapporo MMB Memanbetsu
NH 380 CTS Sapporo OKJ Okayama
NH 4810 CTS Sapporo SDJ Sendai
NH 2464 KMI Miyazaki HND Tokyo
NH 4841 CTS Sapporo WKJ Wakkanai
NH 2508 KMI Miyazaki NGO Nagoya