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ANA flights

Popular ANA flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

ANA: most popular flights

Flight # From To
NH 464 OKA Okinawa HND Tokyo
NH 2522 OKA Okinawa NGO Nagoya
NH 3111 FUK Fukuoka SDJ Sendai
NH 3119 FUK Fukuoka SDJ Sendai
NH 3140 HIJ Hiroshima SDJ Sendai
NH 523 ITM Osaka KMJ Kumamoto
NH 3148 CTS Sapporo SDJ Sendai
NH 3156 FUK Fukuoka ITM Osaka
NH 541 ITM Osaka KOJ Kagoshima
NH 3172 KIJ Niigata ITM Osaka
NH 550 KOJ Kagoshima ITM Osaka
NH 3180 FKS Fukushima ITM Osaka
NH 3812 UBJ Ube HND Tokyo
NH 3824 KIX Osaka HND Tokyo
NH 579 NGO Nagoya ISG Ishigaki
NH 592 MYJ Matsuyama HND Tokyo
NH 3851 HND Tokyo FUK Fukuoka
NH 3861 NGO Nagoya FUK Fukuoka
NH 3869 NGO Nagoya FUK Fukuoka
NH 3880 KKJ Kitakyushu HND Tokyo
NH 677 HND Tokyo HIJ Hiroshima
NH 719 HND Tokyo ONJ Odate Noshiro
NH 4648 FUK Fukuoka KMQ Komatsu
NH 727 HND Tokyo IWJ Masuda
NH 4656 FUK Fukuoka NGO Nagoya
NH 737 ITM Osaka SDJ Sendai
NH 747 HND Tokyo NTQ Wajima
NH 4684 TSJ Tsushima FUK Fukuoka
NH 767 ITM Osaka OKA Okinawa
NH 4693 FUK Fukuoka FUJ Fukue
NH 4712 CTS Sapporo HND Tokyo
NH 785 ITM Osaka NGS Nagasaki
NH 796 OIT Oita HND Tokyo
NH 4735 HND Tokyo CTS Sapporo
NH 833 NRT Tokyo SGN Ho Chi Minh City
NH 4768 OBO Obihiro HND Tokyo
NH 843 HND Tokyo SIN Singapore
NH 4778 MMB Memanbetsu HND Tokyo
NH 853 HND Tokyo TSA Taipei
NH 864 GMP Seoul HND Tokyo
NH 4813 FUK Fukuoka CTS Sapporo
NH 4835 NGO Nagoya CTS Sapporo
NH 4858 HKD Hakodate CTS Sapporo
NH 897 NRT Tokyo HAN Hanoi
NH 4872 KUH Kushiro CTS Sapporo
NH 923 HND Tokyo CAN Guangzhou
NH 4884 SHB Nakashibetsu CTS Sapporo
NH 4936 TSJ Tsushima FUK Fukuoka
NH 965 HND Tokyo SZX Shenzhen
NH 990 KIX Osaka HND Tokyo