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Pegasus flights

Popular Pegasus flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Pegasus: most popular flights

Flight # From To
PC 1853 ECN Ercan ADA Adana
PC 1881 ESB Ankara ECN Ercan
PC 1891 GZT Gaziantep ECN Ercan
PC 1134 ORY Paris SAW Istanbul
PC 2384 SAW Istanbul DIY Diyarbakir
PC 512 SAW Istanbul IKA Tehran
PC 1576 AYT Antalya VKO Moscow
PC 740 SAW Istanbul DXB Dubai
PC 1135 SAW Istanbul ORY Paris
PC 513 IKA Tehran SAW Istanbul
PC 1577 VKO Moscow AYT Antalya
PC 1852 ADA Adana ECN Ercan
PC 1860 ADB Izmir ECN Ercan
PC 1880 ECN Ercan ESB Ankara
PC 1890 ECN Ercan GZT Gaziantep
PC 1133 SAW Istanbul ORY Paris
PC 1136 ORY Paris SAW Istanbul
PC 2385 DIY Diyarbakir SAW Istanbul
PC 1861 ECN Ercan ADB Izmir
PC 1884 ECN Ercan ESB Ankara
PC 1885 ESB Ankara ECN Ercan
PC 1911 ECN Ercan SAW Istanbul
PC 940 BSL Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse SAW Istanbul
PC 1224 FCO Rome SAW Istanbul
PC 1531 ADB Izmir STN London
PC 3307 IST Istanbul ADB Izmir
PC 939 SAW Istanbul BSL Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse
PC 1532 STN London ADB Izmir
PC 1223 SAW Istanbul FCO Rome
PC 1851 ECN Ercan ADA Adana
PC 741 DXB Dubai SAW Istanbul
PC 901 SAW Istanbul VIE Vienna
PC 3306 ADB Izmir IST Istanbul
PC 1862 ADB Izmir ECN Ercan
PC 386 SAW Istanbul VKO Moscow
PC 902 VIE Vienna SAW Istanbul
PC 1863 ECN Ercan ADB Izmir
PC 2285 DLM Dalaman SAW Istanbul
PC 747 SHJ Sharjah SAW Istanbul
PC 3010 ADB Izmir ADA Adana
PC 3011 ADA Adana ADB Izmir
PC 954 GVA Geneva SAW Istanbul
PC 2183 ADB Izmir SAW Istanbul
PC 397 LED Saint Petersburg SAW Istanbul
PC 947 SAW Istanbul ZRH Zurich
PC 1092 BCN Barcelona SAW Istanbul
PC 690 SAW Istanbul RUH Riyadh
PC 2000 SAW Istanbul AYT Antalya
PC 948 ZRH Zurich SAW Istanbul
PC 746 SAW Istanbul SHJ Sharjah