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Qantas flights

Popular Qantas flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Qantas: most popular flights

Flight # From To
QF 2354 MKY Mackay TSV Townsville
QF 2357 CNS Cairns TSV Townsville
QF 2355 CNS Cairns TSV Townsville
QF 2358 MKY Mackay TSV Townsville
QF 1 SIN Singapore LHR London
QF 2 LHR London SIN Singapore
QF 10 LHR London PER Perth
QF 9 MEL Melbourne PER Perth
QF 3 AKL Auckland JFK New York
QF 4 AKL Auckland SYD Sydney
QF 921 MCY Sunshine Coast MEL Melbourne
QF 685 MEL Melbourne ADL Adelaide
QF 2051 MEL Melbourne DPO Devonport
QF 920 MEL Melbourne MCY Sunshine Coast
QF 498 MEL Melbourne SYD Sydney
QF 2273 ADL Adelaide PLO Port Lincoln
QF 140 AKL Auckland SYD Sydney
QF 886 PER Perth ADL Adelaide
QF 2378 BNE Brisbane HVB Hervey Bay
QF 611 BNE Brisbane MEL Melbourne
QF 143 SYD Sydney AKL Auckland
QF 501 BNE Brisbane SYD Sydney
QF 2488 CNS Cairns HID Horn Island
QF 1951 DRW Darwin ADL Adelaide
QF 1006 HBA Hobart MEL Melbourne
QF 122 ZQN Queenstown SYD Sydney
QF 133 MEL Melbourne CHC Christchurch
QF 2080 MEL Melbourne MQL Mildura
QF 432 MEL Melbourne SYD Sydney
QF 171 MEL Melbourne WLG Wellington
QF 2081 MQL Mildura MEL Melbourne
QF 152 AKL Auckland MEL Melbourne
QF 146 AKL Auckland SYD Sydney
QF 119 BNE Brisbane AKL Auckland
QF 57 BNE Brisbane POM Port Moresby
QF 508 SYD Sydney BNE Brisbane
QF 922 SYD Sydney CNS Cairns
QF 840 SYD Sydney DRW Darwin
QF 2103 CFS Coffs Harbour SYD Sydney
QF 455 SYD Sydney MEL Melbourne
QF 138 CHC Christchurch SYD Sydney
QF 707 CNS Cairns BNE Brisbane
QF 703 CNS Cairns MEL Melbourne
QF 2039 DBO Dubbo SYD Sydney
QF 2052 DPO Devonport MEL Melbourne
QF 2489 HID Horn Island CNS Cairns
QF 172 WLG Wellington MEL Melbourne
QF 604 MEL Melbourne BNE Brisbane
QF 79 MEL Melbourne NRT Tokyo
QF 422 MEL Melbourne SYD Sydney