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Citilink flights

Popular Citilink flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Citilink: most popular flights

Flight # From To
QG 11 BTJ Banda Aceh KNO Kuala Namu
QG 332 CGK Jakarta UPG Ujung Pandang
QG 251 DJJ Jayapura UPG Ujung Pandang
QG 10 HLP Jakarta KNO Kuala Namu
QG 250 CGK Jakarta UPG Ujung Pandang
QG 333 KDI Kendari UPG Ujung Pandang
QG 307 SUB Surabaya UPG Ujung Pandang
QG 306 MDC Manado UPG Ujung Pandang
QG 423 AAP Samarinda CGK Jakarta
QG 493 BDJ Banjarmasin SUB Surabaya
QG 1511 BDO Bandung SUB Surabaya
QG 435 BPN Balikpapan SUB Surabaya
QG 924 BTH Batam KNO Kuala Namu
QG 990 CGK Jakarta BKS Bengkulu
QG 964 CGK Jakarta DJB Jambi
QG 688 CGK Jakarta DPS Denpasar
QG 920 CGK Jakarta KNO Kuala Namu
QG 970 CGK Jakarta PGK Pangkal Pinang
QG 760 CGK Jakarta SOC Surakarta
QG 718 CGK Jakarta SUB Surabaya
QG 685 DPS Denpasar CGK Jakarta
QG 881 DTB Siborong-Borong CGK Jakarta
QG 20 HLP Jakarta DTB Siborong-Borong
QG 164 HLP Jakarta MLG Malang
QG 142 HLP Jakarta SRG Semarang
QG 1973 HLP Jakarta TKG Bandar Lampung
QG 812 KNO Kuala Namu BDO Bandung
QG 921 KNO Kuala Namu CGK Jakarta
QG 1640 KOE Kupang ENE Ende
QG 633 LBJ Labuan Bajo CGK Jakarta
QG 673 LOP Praya SUB Surabaya
QG 953 PDG Padang CGK Jakarta
QG 933 PKU Pekanbaru BTH Batam
QG 810 PLM Palembang BDO Bandung
QG 414 PNK Pontianak BTH Batam
QG 793 SRG Semarang CGK Jakarta
QG 488 SUB Surabaya BDJ Banjarmasin
QG 711 SUB Surabaya CGK Jakarta
QG 737 SUB Surabaya CGK Jakarta
QG 177 SUB Surabaya HLP Jakarta
QG 350 SUB Surabaya UPG Ujung Pandang
QG 213 UPG Ujung Pandang CGK Jakarta
QG 1332 UPG Ujung Pandang OJU Tojo Una Una
QG 133 YIA Yogyakarta HLP Jakarta
QG 491 BDJ Banjarmasin CGK Jakarta
QG 1995 BDO Bandung HLP Jakarta
QG 993 BKS Bengkulu CGK Jakarta
QG 785 BPN Balikpapan YIA Yogyakarta
QG 934 BTH Batam PKU Pekanbaru
QG 703 BWX Banyuwangi CGK Jakarta