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Qatar Airways flights

Flight numbers

Qatar Airways: most popular flights

Flight # From To
QR 1499 DAR Dar Es Salaam DOH Doha
QR 989 ADL Adelaide MEL Melbourne
QR 988 DOH Doha MEL Melbourne
QR 971 PNH Phnom Penh SGN Ho Chi Minh City
QR 970 DOH Doha SGN Ho Chi Minh City
QR 840 DOH Doha HKT Phuket
QR 841 BKK Bangkok HKT Phuket
QR 1424 ABJ Abidjan ACC Accra
QR 1423 ACC Accra ABJ Abidjan
QR 1456 HRE Harare LUN Lusaka
QR 1455 DOH Doha LUN Lusaka
QR 1476 DAR Dar Es Salaam JRO Kilimanjaro
QR 1432 ABV Abuja DOH Doha
QR 1431 ABV Abuja KAN Kano
QR 1367 DOH Doha JNB Johannesburg
QR 1368 DUR Durban JNB Johannesburg
QR 816 DOH Doha HKG Hong Kong
QR 11 DOH Doha LHR London
QR 904 DOH Doha MEL Melbourne
QR 676 DOH Doha MLE Male
QR 900 DOH Doha PER Perth
QR 1038 DOH Doha SHJ Sharjah
QR 30 EDI Edinburgh DOH Doha
QR 677 MLE Male DOH Doha
QR 901 PER Perth DOH Doha
QR 1037 SHJ Sharjah DOH Doha
QR 835 BKK Bangkok DOH Doha
QR 517 COK Kochi DOH Doha
QR 729 DOH Doha DFW Dallas
QR 962 DOH Doha DPS Denpasar
QR 763 DOH Doha YUL Montreal
QR 12 LHR London DOH Doha
QR 720 SEA Seattle DOH Doha
QR 338 SVO Moscow DOH Doha
QR 921 AKL Auckland DOH Doha
QR 1050 DOH Doha AUH Abu Dhabi
QR 743 DOH Doha BOS Boston
QR 454 DOH Doha EBL Erbil
QR 672 DOH Doha MLE Male
QR 59 DOH Doha MUC Munich
QR 1034 DOH Doha SHJ Sharjah
QR 253 DOH Doha TBS Tbilisi
QR 673 MLE Male DOH Doha
QR 60 MUC Munich DOH Doha
QR 909 SYD Sydney DOH Doha
QR 1380 ALG Algiers DOH Doha
QR 536 DOH Doha CCJ Kozhikode
QR 818 DOH Doha HKG Hong Kong
QR 719 DOH Doha SEA Seattle
QR 905 MEL Melbourne DOH Doha