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Qatar Airways flights

Popular Qatar Airways flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Qatar Airways: most popular flights

Flight # From To
QR 1499 DAR Dar Es Salaam DOH Doha
QR 971 PNH Phnom Penh SGN Ho Chi Minh City
QR 970 DOH Doha SGN Ho Chi Minh City
QR 989 ADL Adelaide MEL Melbourne
QR 988 DOH Doha MEL Melbourne
QR 936 CEB Cebu City DVO Davao
QR 1396 CMN Casablanca DOH Doha
QR 1395 CMN Casablanca RAK Marrakech
QR 1376 DUR Durban MPM Maputo
QR 1375 DOH Doha MPM Maputo
QR 1476 DAR Dar Es Salaam JRO Kilimanjaro
QR 1460 JIB Djibouti DOH Doha
QR 1432 ABV Abuja DOH Doha
QR 1459 DOH Doha JIB Djibouti
QR 1431 ABV Abuja KAN Kano
QR 730 DFW Dallas DOH Doha
QR 81 DOH Doha BER Berlin
QR 570 DOH Doha DEL Delhi
QR 31 DOH Doha EDI Edinburgh
QR 704 JFK New York DOH Doha
QR 1408 LOS Lagos DOH Doha
QR 94 ZRH Zurich DOH Doha
QR 756 ATL Atlanta DOH Doha
QR 80 BER Berlin DOH Doha
QR 537 CCJ Kozhikode DOH Doha
QR 828 DOH Doha BKK Bangkok
QR 731 DOH Doha DFW Dallas
QR 703 DOH Doha JFK New York
QR 1407 DOH Doha LOS Lagos
QR 900 DOH Doha PER Perth
QR 763 DOH Doha YUL Montreal
QR 815 HKG Hong Kong DOH Doha
QR 60 MUC Munich DOH Doha
QR 256 TBS Tbilisi DOH Doha
QR 921 AKL Auckland DOH Doha
QR 571 DEL Delhi DOH Doha
QR 231 DOH Doha BEG Belgrade
QR 458 DOH Doha BGW Baghdad
QR 725 DOH Doha ORD Chicago
QR 908 DOH Doha SYD Sydney
QR 714 IAH Houston DOH Doha
QR 740 LAX Los Angeles DOH Doha
QR 677 MLE Male DOH Doha
QR 738 SFO San Francisco DOH Doha
QR 218 ZAG Zagreb DOH Doha
QR 732 DFW Dallas DOH Doha
QR 1040 DOH Doha AUH Abu Dhabi
QR 898 DOH Doha BNE Brisbane
QR 962 DOH Doha DPS Denpasar
QR 816 DOH Doha HKG Hong Kong