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S7 Airlines flights

Flight numbers

S7 Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
S7 2508 OVB Novosibirsk DME Moscow
S7 5311 OVB Novosibirsk KJA Krasnojarsk
S7 5327 OVB Novosibirsk NJC Nizhnevartovsk
S7 5258 UUS Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk OVB Novosibirsk
S7 2505 DME Moscow OVB Novosibirsk
S7 2143 DME Moscow VOG Volgograd
S7 3018 IKT Irkutsk DME Moscow
S7 5351 OVB Novosibirsk TJM Tyumen
S7 5257 OVB Novosibirsk UUS Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
S7 5348 SGC Surgut OVB Novosibirsk
S7 5352 TJM Tyumen OVB Novosibirsk
S7 1138 UFA Ufa DME Moscow
S7 5216 BTK Bratsk OVB Novosibirsk
S7 3045 DME Moscow HTA Chita
S7 5003 OVB Novosibirsk LED Saint Petersburg
S7 5028 CEK Chelyabinsk OVB Novosibirsk
S7 1135 DME Moscow UFA Ufa
S7 5312 KJA Krasnojarsk OVB Novosibirsk
S7 5328 NJC Nizhnevartovsk OVB Novosibirsk
S7 5346 OMS Omsk OVB Novosibirsk
S7 5215 OVB Novosibirsk BTK Bratsk
S7 5031 OVB Novosibirsk KUF Samara
S7 5345 OVB Novosibirsk OMS Omsk
S7 2157 DME Moscow MCX Makhachkala
S7 5027 OVB Novosibirsk CEK Chelyabinsk
S7 3062 BQS Blagoveschensk DME Moscow
S7 3061 DME Moscow BQS Blagoveschensk
S7 5004 LED Saint Petersburg OVB Novosibirsk
S7 5261 OVB Novosibirsk YKS Yakutsk
S7 1137 DME Moscow UFA Ufa
S7 2158 MCX Makhachkala DME Moscow
S7 2514 OVB Novosibirsk DME Moscow
S7 1136 UFA Ufa DME Moscow
S7 2144 VOG Volgograd DME Moscow
S7 5262 YKS Yakutsk OVB Novosibirsk
S7 1237 DME Moscow GSV Saratov
S7 1238 GSV Saratov DME Moscow
S7 5032 KUF Samara OVB Novosibirsk
S7 5347 OVB Novosibirsk SGC Surgut
S7 3046 HTA Chita DME Moscow
S7 5223 OVB Novosibirsk HTA Chita
S7 1158 PEE Perm DME Moscow
S7 1157 DME Moscow PEE Perm
S7 2564 OMS Omsk DME Moscow
S7 1013 DME Moscow LED Saint Petersburg
S7 1212 KGD Kaliningrad DME Moscow
S7 1014 LED Saint Petersburg DME Moscow
S7 1211 DME Moscow KGD Kaliningrad
S7 3017 DME Moscow IKT Irkutsk
S7 2563 DME Moscow OMS Omsk