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Air Transat flights

Popular Air Transat flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Air Transat: most popular flights

Flight # From To
TS 110 YUL Montreal CDG Paris
TS 111 CDG Paris YUL Montreal
TS 122 YYZ Toronto LGW London
TS 123 LGW London YYZ Toronto
TS 186 YYZ Toronto PUJ Punta Cana
TS 187 PUJ Punta Cana YYZ Toronto
TS 326 YYZ Toronto CUN Cancun
TS 327 CUN Cancun YYZ Toronto
TS 399 PUJ Punta Cana YUL Montreal
TS 398 YUL Montreal PUJ Punta Cana
TS 539 CUN Cancun YUL Montreal
TS 538 YUL Montreal CUN Cancun
TS 244 YYZ Toronto GLA Glasgow
TS 245 GLA Glasgow YYZ Toronto
TS 728 YUL Montreal LGW London
TS 729 LGW London YUL Montreal
TS 844 YUL Montreal FLL Fort Lauderdale
TS 845 FLL Fort Lauderdale YUL Montreal
TS 434 YUL Montreal MRS Marseille
TS 435 MRS Marseille YUL Montreal
TS 260 YUL Montreal BCN Barcelona
TS 261 BCN Barcelona YUL Montreal
TS 308 YYZ Toronto FCO Rome
TS 309 FCO Rome YYZ Toronto
TS 402 YUL Montreal FCO Rome
TS 403 FCO Rome YUL Montreal
TS 230 YYZ Toronto DUB Dublin
TS 206 YYZ Toronto MAN Manchester
TS 231 DUB Dublin YYZ Toronto
TS 207 MAN Manchester YYZ Toronto
TS 681 LIS Lisbon YUL Montreal
TS 680 YUL Montreal LIS Lisbon
TS 574 YUL Montreal LYS Lyon
TS 821 MCO Orlando YUL Montreal
TS 820 YUL Montreal MCO Orlando
TS 250 YUL Montreal CDG Paris
TS 575 LYS Lyon YUL Montreal
TS 251 CDG Paris YUL Montreal
TS 188 YYZ Toronto CDG Paris
TS 189 CDG Paris YYZ Toronto
TS 480 YYZ Toronto LIS Lisbon
TS 481 LIS Lisbon YYZ Toronto
TS 282 YYZ Toronto LGW London
TS 283 LGW London YYZ Toronto
TS 517 BOD Bordeaux YUL Montreal
TS 516 YUL Montreal BOD Bordeaux
TS 602 YUL Montreal NTE Nantes
TS 603 NTE Nantes YUL Montreal
TS 764 YYZ Toronto OPO Porto
TS 765 OPO Porto YYZ Toronto