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easyJet flights

Flight numbers

easyJet: most popular flights

Flight # From To
U2 7735 OPO Porto GVA Geneva
U2 7736 GVA Geneva OPO Porto
U2 7104 BSL Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse BCN Barcelona
U2 5068 LIN Milan BER Berlin
U2 7103 BCN Barcelona BSL Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse
U2 2162 AMS Amsterdam MAN Manchester
U2 2161 MAN Manchester AMS Amsterdam
U2 2583 LTN London TLV Tel Aviv-Yafo
U2 2105 MAN Manchester CDG Paris
U2 2106 CDG Paris MAN Manchester
U2 859 LGW London ABZ Aberdeen
U2 4823 ORY Paris VCE Venice
U2 1554 RAK Marrakech GVA Geneva
U2 1553 GVA Geneva RAK Marrakech
U2 4824 VCE Venice ORY Paris
U2 856 ABZ Aberdeen LGW London
U2 8486 GVA Geneva LGW London
U2 2584 TLV Tel Aviv-Yafo LTN London
U2 708 BFS Belfast MAN Manchester
U2 532 BHD Belfast LPL Liverpool
U2 531 LPL Liverpool BHD Belfast
U2 883 LGW London JER Jersey
U2 707 MAN Manchester BFS Belfast
U2 4817 ORY Paris FCO Rome
U2 4818 FCO Rome ORY Paris
U2 314 STN London EDI Edinburgh
U2 313 EDI Edinburgh STN London
U2 2511 LTN London AMS Amsterdam
U2 2512 AMS Amsterdam LTN London
U2 8487 LGW London GVA Geneva
U2 848 INV Inverness LGW London
U2 847 LGW London INV Inverness
U2 8033 LGW London TFS Tenerife
U2 2009 MAN Manchester TFS Tenerife
U2 502 BFS Belfast LPL Liverpool
U2 2010 TFS Tenerife MAN Manchester
U2 501 LPL Liverpool BFS Belfast
U2 534 BHD Belfast LPL Liverpool
U2 882 JER Jersey LGW London
U2 533 LPL Liverpool BHD Belfast
U2 8673 AMS Amsterdam LGW London
U2 8034 TFS Tenerife LGW London
U2 1631 NCE Nice ORY Paris
U2 858 ABZ Aberdeen LGW London
U2 8672 AMS Amsterdam LGW London
U2 857 LGW London ABZ Aberdeen
U2 2303 LTN London TFS Tenerife
U2 2304 TFS Tenerife LTN London
U2 1124 FCO Rome BSL Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse
U2 1123 BSL Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse FCO Rome