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United Airlines flights

Popular United flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

United Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
UA 5053 DEN Denver JMS Jamestown
UA 5086 DDC Dodge City DEN Denver
UA 5060 FOD Fort Dodge ORD Chicago
UA 5068 FOD Fort Dodge MCW Mason City
UA 5023 DEN Denver LBF North Platte
UA 2228 IAD Dulles SFO San Francisco
UA 1322 IAD Dulles RDU Raleigh/Durham
UA 617 DEN Denver ORD Chicago
UA 1022 DEN Denver SAT San Antonio
UA 1755 FLL Fort Lauderdale ORD Chicago
UA 2309 DEN Denver SAN San Diego
UA 2638 DEN Denver BNA Nashville
UA 274 IAH Houston RDU Raleigh/Durham
UA 1962 DCA Washington IAH Houston
UA 1897 LAS Las Vegas SFO San Francisco
UA 1057 DEN Denver SFO San Francisco
UA 2376 IAH Houston TPA Tampa
UA 2468 EWR New York MSY New Orleans
UA 2674 IAH Houston SAN San Diego
UA 1260 DEN Denver LGA New York
UA 567 BOS Boston ORD Chicago
UA 1400 LAX Los Angeles ORD Chicago
UA 1187 BOS Boston SFO San Francisco
UA 1061 DCA Washington IAH Houston
UA 2325 ORD Chicago ALB Albany
UA 2497 IAD Dulles ORD Chicago
UA 2378 DEN Denver ICT Wichita
UA 1370 IAD Dulles CLE Cleveland
UA 2098 BOS Boston IAD Dulles
UA 664 DEN Denver RSW Fort Myers
UA 5019 DEN Denver DVL Devils Lake
UA 2187 DCA Washington ORD Chicago
UA 2650 LAS Las Vegas LAX Los Angeles
UA 2341 IAH Houston LAX Los Angeles
UA 1413 BOS Boston SFO San Francisco
UA 1095 RDM Redmond DEN Denver
UA 578 DEN Denver DFW Dallas
UA 1588 DEN Denver RDM Redmond
UA 2034 IAH Houston SFO San Francisco
UA 2169 FLL Fort Lauderdale IAD Dulles
UA 426 DTW Detroit ORD Chicago
UA 2147 DEN Denver FAT Fresno
UA 1369 DCA Washington IAH Houston
UA 656 DEN Denver SEA Seattle
UA 410 MIA Miami EWR New York
UA 326 ATL Atlanta IAH Houston
UA 1927 BNA Nashville IAH Houston
UA 1338 IAH Houston LGA New York
UA 2421 BWI Baltimore SFO San Francisco
UA 1285 DEN Denver PHX Phoenix