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Wizz Air flights

Popular Wizz Air flights with stops

List of popular flights with connections where no other airline has flights without stops flights.

Wizz Air: most popular flights

Flight # From To
W6 7790 FMM Memmingen PRN Pristina
W6 1661 GDN Gdansk DTM Dortmund
W6 2376 BCN Barcelona BUD Budapest
W6 2202 LTN London BUD Budapest
W6 7727 SKP Skopje FMM Memmingen
W6 5001 KRK Krakow LTN London
W6 1804 LTN London WRO Wroclaw
W6 7728 FMM Memmingen SKP Skopje
W6 5002 LTN London KRK Krakow
W6 2207 BUD Budapest LTN London
W6 1803 WRO Wroclaw LTN London
W6 2201 BUD Budapest LTN London
W6 7789 PRN Pristina FMM Memmingen
W6 2375 BUD Budapest BCN Barcelona
W6 2208 LTN London BUD Budapest
W6 4332 DTM Dortmund SOF Sofia
W6 4331 SOF Sofia DTM Dortmund
W6 2274 EIN Eindhoven BUD Budapest
W6 2430 IST Istanbul BUD Budapest
W6 7731 SKP Skopje MLH Mulhouse, France/Basel
W6 1476 BCN Barcelona WAW Warsaw
W6 2273 BUD Budapest EIN Eindhoven
W6 1475 WAW Warsaw BCN Barcelona
W6 1307 WAW Warsaw LTN London
W6 2429 BUD Budapest IST Istanbul
W6 8328 BEG Belgrade FCO Rome
W6 1308 LTN London WAW Warsaw
W6 7721 SKP Skopje DTM Dortmund
W6 7732 MLH Mulhouse, France/Basel SKP Skopje
W6 2282 CRL Brussels BUD Budapest
W6 2316 BER Berlin BUD Budapest
W6 2281 BUD Budapest CRL Brussels
W6 4306 LTN London SOF Sofia
W6 4305 SOF Sofia LTN London
W6 1442 FCO Rome WAW Warsaw
W6 2270 BSL Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse BUD Budapest
W6 2269 BUD Budapest BSL Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse
W6 1368 CPH Copenhagen WAW Warsaw
W6 1601 GDN Gdansk LTN London
W6 1441 WAW Warsaw FCO Rome
W6 2372 MAD Madrid BUD Budapest
W6 1602 LTN London GDN Gdansk
W6 1367 WAW Warsaw CPH Copenhagen
W6 2371 BUD Budapest MAD Madrid
W6 7722 DTM Dortmund SKP Skopje
W6 1662 DTM Dortmund GDN Gdansk
W6 1091 KTW Katowice DTM Dortmund
W6 4105 BEG Belgrade FMM Memmingen
W6 8327 FCO Rome BEG Belgrade
W6 4106 FMM Memmingen BEG Belgrade