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Shenzhen Airlines flights

Flight numbers

Shenzhen Airlines: most popular flights

Flight # From To
ZH 9760 LYI Linyi HRB Harbin
ZH 9739 SHE Shenyang XIY Xian
ZH 9653 CAN Guangzhou JJN Jinjiang
ZH 8397 CGO Zhengzhou NNG Nanning
ZH 8734 CGQ Changchun CZX Changzhou
ZH 9694 CGQ Changchun YTY Yangzhou
ZH 9756 XMN Xiamen YTY Yangzhou
ZH 9755 HRB Harbin YTY Yangzhou
ZH 9521 JDZ Jingdezhen SHA Shanghai
ZH 9717 SHE Shenyang YNT Yantai
ZH 9748 SYX Sanya YCU Yuncheng
ZH 9607 SZX Shenzhen YTY Yangzhou
ZH 8320 CGQ Changchun NKG Nanjing
ZH 8733 CZX Changzhou CGQ Changchun
ZH 8742 HFE Hefei JJN Jinjiang
ZH 8775 JJN Jinjiang WUH Wuhan
ZH 9645 KHN Nanchang CGQ Changchun
ZH 9393 KHN Nanchang LYI Linyi
ZH 8447 TFU Chengdu YNT Yantai
ZH 9693 CAN Guangzhou YTY Yangzhou
ZH 9728 CGO Zhengzhou SHE Shenyang
ZH 9349 CZX Changzhou HRB Harbin
ZH 9757 HRB Harbin LYI Linyi
ZH 9747 HRB Harbin YCU Yuncheng
ZH 9273 LYI Linyi SHE Shenyang
ZH 8448 SHE Shenyang YNT Yantai
ZH 8776 WUH Wuhan JJN Jinjiang
ZH 9387 CGO Zhengzhou DLC Dalian
ZH 9794 WUX Wuxi YNT Yantai
ZH 9646 CGQ Changchun KHN Nanchang
ZH 8568 JJN Jinjiang NKG Nanjing
ZH 8567 JJN Jinjiang ZHA Zhanjiang
ZH 9359 NNG Nanning WUH Wuhan
ZH 9723 SHE Shenyang WNZ Wenzhou
ZH 9608 SHE Shenyang YTY Yangzhou
ZH 9629 SZX Shenzhen YTY Yangzhou
ZH 9657 CAN Guangzhou YNT Yantai
ZH 8384 CGO Zhengzhou SHE Shenyang
ZH 8308 XFN Xiangyang SHE Shenyang
ZH 9394 KHN Nanchang NNG Nanning
ZH 9758 LYI Linyi HRB Harbin
ZH 8319 NKG Nanjing CGQ Changchun
ZH 9595 NKG Nanjing YIC Yichun
ZH 9112 PEK Beijing YIC Yichun
ZH 9111 SZX Shenzhen YIC Yichun
ZH 8383 CGO Zhengzhou NNG Nanning
ZH 9298 CGO Zhengzhou SZX Shenzhen
ZH 9297 CGO Zhengzhou YNT Yantai
ZH 9793 CGQ Changchun YNT Yantai
ZH 9759 HRB Harbin LYI Linyi