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Are you picky about your flights? flig.ht/s lets you search for your flight with ease using our fast search engine, advanced search filter options and detailed flight information, without fuss. Just type in your prefered origin and destination in the search boxes and we will begin by showing you every option to get there together with flight time, non-stop flights, layover airports and airline options.

Best flight path – choose the right airline

Are you planning a trip and need help finding the best airline for a certain connecting route? No matter which destination you are headed to, we can guide you to the best option available.

best flight path choose airline

If you’re traveling by connecting flights, the goal is always to find the most convenient route with the shortest total flight time – despite which part of the world you are traveling to. But how do you find these routes? In this guide we narrow down the best options and help you find the right airline to travel with.

Most connecting routes are operated by a number of airlines, making it difficult to know which operator to choose on which route. To give you a hand, here on Flig.ht we have determined in which cases each airline is the best possible choice.

Choose your airline

Listed below you find links to specific airlines, where you can find the routes where this airline is the most convenient choice. The information in our compilation is continuously updated to make sure you always have the latest data and the best possibility to find the most optimal flight path.